A Star Is Born

Stop what you’re doing, do yourself a favor and go watch A Star Is Born as soon as you possibly can.

Last night, I went to the movies with a friend, making one of the best decisions in my life, and saw A Star Is Born. Saying this movie is amazing would be the understatement of a century. Everything about it was masterful from the music, to the story and most definitely the acting. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s on screen chemistry was off the charts and should be what all casting directors should strive to find when casting love interests for all their projects. I found myself extremely invested in their love story, forgetting I was watching two actors, but rather two individuals going through the ups and downs that come with life trying to find their way out of their lows no matter how many times they failed. Whether they were sitting in a parking lot talking about Ally’s big nose, or fighting about the demons each of them carry around, the acting never felt forced or fake and the neither did the relationship. A Star Is Born is hands down one of the best movies made this year and probably in the last three years. For the first time in a long time the entire theater was silent for a solid minute after the ending credits began to roll and I think that says something about the impact this film will leave on your life.

This movie would not be as amazing if anyone except Lady Gaga had taken on the role of Ally, a woman with a dream of making it as a singer. At the start of the movie she works as waitress and lives with her chauffeur father, but goes out every Friday to sing at a local drag bar. Her whole life changed when one day Jackson Maine, Bradley Cooper, walked into that same bar and gave her a chance. We then follow their journey together as they deal with the obstacles that come with being in the public eye. Gaga has proven herself time and time again when it comes to her singing ability but the biggest success of the film is her effortless acting ability. She was essentially in every scene of the movie and made every scene better. When she laughed it sounded genuine and when she cried I found myself with tears streaming down my face. Her portrayal of Ally is award worthy and something everyone should make time to see on the big screen.

Lady Gaga could not have told this story alone and there was no one I would have rather seen on screen with her than Bradley Cooper. The second he came onto the screen, playing his guitar and singing, my friend turned to me and said, “I think I just fell in love with Bradley Cooper.” The exact opposite of what was said for Lady Gaga could be said for Cooper. He has proven himself in the acting world, having acted in numerous Oscar nominated films, but has always kept his singing voice hidden. Not only was his acting on point but his singing was fantastic. His performance is also one to remember. Playing an alcoholic and drug addict can easily be done wrong but Cooper never tried to overdo it. Through his ups and downs with sobriety you find yourself rooting for him and each time he fails your heart sinks but you can understand his motivations to drink. The fact that he also directed the movie gives me a whole new level of respect for him. If him and Gaga aren’t nominated at the Oscars, or if the movie is not nominated, something is wrong in this world.


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