Is Cardi B Blowing It?

What is Cardi B doing?

Cardi, Cardi, Cardi, where do I start? Let me start by saying that I am actually a fan of Cards B, and those who know me know I typically do not listen to the kind of music she puts out. She said what was on her mind and she did what she wanted to do which was super refreshing…until it wasn’t. First, she gets into that giant fight with Nicki Minaj during New York Fashion Week, walking away with one shoe, the back of her dress torn up and with a giant welt above her eyebrow. I was able to look past this misstep because it was pretty clear in my opinion that Nicki instigated the whole thing, stood back and let Cardi take all the flack. She then flew away on a European adventure, blessing everyone’s Instagram feed with her fantastic fashion, came back to the United States and turned herself in to the police for a whole other crime. Cardi B, what are you doing?

This newest incident involves a woman who Cardi B alleges had some kind of an affair with her husband, Offset, member of rap music group Migos. Cardi turned herself in for sending her friends to beat up this woman when she found out they were at a strip club nearby. As of Tuesday morning she has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and one count of assault. I mean this would make a little sense if Cardi B and the woman had both been at the strip club and some kind of a fight broke out, but Cardi wasn’t even there. Also, she has spoken publicly in the past about knowing her husband has cheated on her and how she has moved on from it. The woman she beat up wasn’t even the woman Offset admitted to cheating with, but someone Cardi only suspected of having an affair with her husband. I would like to say I’m surprised by this but I’m really not. She has always been the unpolished celebrity who surrounds herself with people who further provoke the bad behavior, rather than telling her to relax and think about the potential consequences.

Not only is Cardi doing damage to her personal life, she’s also doing damage to her career as a female rapper. She is staying relevant in the media but not for the right reasons. Instead of talking about the excitement over her next album or the tour everyone wants her to go on, she has been turned into a joke. People were already talking about buying a red dress and one red shoe and dressing up as Cardi B post Nicki Minaj fight, the day after it happened. She has not reached the point in her career to where she can afford anymore major mess-ups like these ones. It was easy to look past  the first incident, but the second is a little harder to get over and there probably won’t be much forgiveness after the third. She can still be the same outspoken girl everyone loved who said everything that came to mind, but she should start to think before she acts if she wants a chance at having a long-lasting career. I don’t think she’ll continue to have that big of a career going forward if things continue to get worse moving forward. I hope things change because I’m a fan and would love to hear a second album.

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