Weekend Roundup: Top Three Craziest Headlines From The Weekend

This weekend was filled with crazy headlines, and I’m here to break it all down, for everyone too busy to keep up, in my weekly weekend roundup.

This edition of weekend roundup is a mix of exciting, shocking and upsetting news. It shouldn’t be surprising, considering the year we’ve had, but yet it is. Can you imagine having another celebrity as our president? I know I can’t. In completely unrelated news, our favorite television host is engaged! The who might surprise you. Lastly, Broadway is mourning after an actor’s battle with COVID-19 took a catastrophic turn. Didn’t see any of these headlines over the weekend? Don’t worry, you’ll get all the necessary information in this week’s Weekend Roundup!

Kanye 2020

First Weekend Roundup subject, Kanye West.
Kanye West

All we want from Kanye, is another lit album, however it seems like he’ll be too busy for music soon. On Fourth of July, Kanye announced he’s running for president. He did warn us this announcement was coming. I don’t know why we are all so shocked. His song Facts, of his 2016 album Life of Pablo, literally has a line in it saying, “2020, I’ma run the whole election, yah!” While everyone is freaking out over him coming through on his promise, I’m not that shocked. After the year we have all lived, I don’t think anything can really surprise me at this point. There could be a hurricane in Kansas and I would just role with it. I bet Kim is already planning on how she’s going to redecorate the Oval Office.

Nick Cordero Dies at 41

Nick Cordero, the second Weekend Roundup topic.
Nick Cordero at HBO’s premiere of “Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown”(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

After 95 days in the hospital, and multiple attempts to heal him, Nick Cordero died from Coronavirus at 41. Nick was first hospitalized on March 20 and initially was diagnosed with pneumonia. His wife, Amanda Kloots kept everyone updated via Instagram, his entire hospitalization. While there was hope for survival when he awoke from the medically induced coma, things continued to go downhill. Cordero fought a good fight, and every effort was made to save his life, including the amputation of one leg. He leaves behind his wife Amanda and 1-year-old son Elvis. Social media is full of tributes to the great actor and wonderful man. I send all my love and positive energy to his family. Click here for more!

Morgan Stewart Is Engaged

Morgan and Jordan

While the grand majority is struggling to make a relationship work in quarantine, Morgan finds herself engaged. I’m so happy for her! She is my favorite Daily Pop host and I was so sad for her when she announced her divorce. I feel a little stupid, because although Jordan is constantly tagged on her Instagram, I didn’t put the puzzle pieces together. I didn’t know they were seeing each other! Not only is she engaged, but she’s engaged to Dr. Phil’s son! Another thing I should have put together on my own. I only figured it out when he commented this on Morgan’s post, “Morgan, Robin and I are so thrilled for you and Jordan. So proud to add you to the family! Love you both!!!” Anyways, congratulations Morgan and Jordan. A couple with rhyming names are meant to last.

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