Weekend Roundup: The Craziest Headlines From Over The Weekend

This weekend was filled with crazy headlines, and I’m here to break it all down, for everyone too busy to keep up, in my weekly weekend roundup.

This weekend roundup is a good one. Leave it to celebrities to keep the news light and entertain us while in quarantine. They are giving birth, getting married, buying houses and going to court. Really giving us a lot to think about while we sit around and do nothing. I cannot understand how all this can happen during a global pandemic, but I guess anything is possible in the celebrity world. Without further ado, here is this week’s edition of weekend roundup.

Britney Spears’ Dad Speaks Out

The Free Britney movement exploded in the last few months. Fans everywhere are once again demanding she be released from her conservatorship and live her own life. Her father is the main focus of this movement, as we think he is using his daughter to profit off of. Jamie recently spoke out about the movement, calling it a joke. Calling it a conspiracy theory, he says supporters of the movement don’t know anything. He also claims, he has to report all his spending, so it would be impossible to steal from Britney. He closes by saying he loves all his children and this is a private matter for the courts to decide.

I feel as though this conservatorship started off as a necessity, but is now used as a way to control her. There are so many unnecessary restrictions put on her. I cannot imagine being 38 years old and having to report to my dad before going to Starbucks. I believe he loves his daughter, but it’s time for her to be freed from her restraints. While we may not know everything going on behind the scenes, I think we know enough to support her freedom. Just based off of the rules she has to follow, we know enough.

Ellen Under Investigation

The illusion surrounding the Ellen Show as the happiest place on Earth, is beginning to crumble. We already know about Ellen’s abusive ways, the wrongdoings of her producers, but this weekend we learned more. Allegations of sexual harassment against the head writer are running wild. The more I read the happier I am my application to intern for her show was denied. This place sounds like complete hell. Ellen came out with an apology, claiming she was completely unaware of all of this and more recently announced an internal investigation. I don’t really believe the apology. I think it is impossible not to know what your senior employees are up to. Also, if I was the face of a show, I would make sure everything is being run smoothly.

It doesn’t help that celebrity guests have come out in support of the accusers. Their claims, support the rumors that Ellen really isn’t that nice. Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond tweeted “Sorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow. Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge.” He hasn’t been a guest since 2007 so it’s believable that he dislikes her. Actress Lea Thomspon commented on his tweet saying “true story.” That’s two big celebs speaking out against her. There is an internal investigation going on, but I would prefer an external one, cause that’s the only way to get the real truth. There are even talks of cancellation, which at this point, I am all for.

Bella Twins Give Birth

Everyone give a big congratulations to the Bella twins for the arrival of their new baby boys! The twins gave birth to their sons one day apart. This is the first child for both Nikki Bella and her fiance Artem Chigvintsev and the second for Brie and husband Bryan Danielson. Brie also has a daughter named Birdie. It’s crazy enough they were pregnant at the same time, and it’s even crazier that they gave birth less than 24 hours apart. Nikki beat Brie by one day, giving birth on Friday. We already knew Nikki was having a boy but we didn’t know the sex of Brie’s baby. Well, in true twin fashion she also had a boy. Their pregnancies were too similar for reality. Congratulations to both the happy couples!

Beyonce Releases Black Is King

Beyonce’s highly anticipated new album Black Is King was finally released this weekend. It is an 86 minute visual album which aims to elevate black culture. It is a continuation to her Lion King: The Gift movie soundtrack, which she released last year. During the different scenes of the album, we see the evolution of a young black boy as he finds his way back to his throne. Much like how Simba was driven from Pride Rock, this child also was kept from his throne. Through telling this story, Beyonce makes a point to celebrate black history and culture. It presents blackness as beauty. While the images are stunning, the message in the music is poignant. For an in depth look at the album and it’s meanings, click here.

Well, there you have it, my weekend roundup. What’s your favorite headline from this weekend?

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