Weekend Roundup 2/8-2/10

If you were hiding under a rock all weekend and woke up this Monday very confused, have no fear, Joyce is here and she will tel you what you missed during your weekend news cleanse. Well, at least what she considers important. 

Let’s kick things off with Cardi B. making history at last nights Grammys as the first female rap artist to win best rap album. Cardi B. won best rap album for her debut album titled “Invasion of Privacy” over Travis Scotts “Astroworld,” Pusha T’s “Daytona,” Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory Lap” and Mac Miller’s “Swimming.” The look of genuine shock and happiness on her face was so heartwarming and I’m happy that she won. Her performance at the Grammys was also pretty spectacular so the night was completely hers. Once she got on the stage her shocked expression did not fade and her nerves got the best of her and her speech was very Cardiesque. The love for Cardi B however was not felt by all. Ariana Grande, this years artist who decided to boycott the awards ceremony, tweeted a series of now deleted tweets seemingly calling the female rapper trash and calling her win bullshit. Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that her words were directed towards the rapper, but Grande clarified that she was referencing the Grammys. She had an issue with the fact that the Grammys would invite Mac Miller’s parents to the ceremony on his behalf, only to watch their son lose. I can get behind this case, and also don’t understand why the family was invited. It just adds insult to injury having the family sit there and watch Cardi B. take away their sons last chance to win a Grammy.

In other non Grammy news, Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party over the weekend. First of all, how is she fifty, she looks exactly the same as when she was on Friends. Secondly, Brad Pitt was there! Ever since the breakup of Bradgelina people have been waiting for the day when these two exes would find their way to each other again. In 2005 I was nine so I never got to experience the relationship the way I do with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s relationship or Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s. I would love for a round two of this relationship and am really hoping for a reconciliation. Do I think that is what’s happening? Probably not, but a girl can dream. I do however think that all parties involved in this scenario have moved on and aren’t even thinking about Brad’s missing sensitivity chip. Everyone except maybe Angelina Jolie whose career and public image took a way negative turn after her divorce from Brad. Angelina can never catch a break apparently. She got all the hate when Brad left Jen for her, even though Brad chose to leave too, and then in her own divorce with Brad came out looking like a bitch. I mean she did that to herself though. Anyways can’t wait for the Brad and Jen reunion in the future.

Possibly the best thing I heard all weekend was that Vicki Gunvalson from the Orange County Housewives will potentially be demoted from housewife to friend of the housewives. Yes, in the beginning of housewives time, Vicki did her job and brought all drama and made the housewives franchise what it is. She is the OG of the OC for a reason, but sadly I think it is time for her to take her final bow. Almost all of these housewives, from any franchise, are extremely out of touch with reality and completely lack a single ounce of self awareness. That being said, Vicki is the absolute worse at owning any wrongdoing and is so quick to throw other people’s missteps back into their face when confronted with her own. Unlike when other housewives do this, Vicki infuriates me! She is always playing the victim and flip flopping on her words, not unlike other housewives, but when she does it, I just can’t anymore. I think Vicki should step down and open the door for some new blood, which the OC franchise really needs. Easily the most boring of all the housewives franchises lately.

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