Weekend Roundup 2/15-2/17

If you were hiding under a rock all weekend and woke up this Monday very confused, have no fear, Joyce is here and she will tel you what you missed during your weekend news cleanse. Well at least what she considers to be important.

The weekend started off with the announcement that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged. He proposed to her on Valentines Day with a huge ring in the shape of a flower. The center of the ring is a pink diamond surrounded by clear diamonds all around acting as the pedals. For me, the ring looks like costume jewelry and I would probably never wear it, but for Katy Perry, it is the perfect ring. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram by posting a picture of the two of them showing off the ring with the caption “lifetimes.” When the couple first got together many moons ago, I was very confused, but quickly got on board with the whole relationship. After her devastating break up with Russel Brand and some other failed relationships, like her fling with John Mayer, I was happy to see Katy Perry with someone who seemed relatively normal. Then they broke up and got back together and now they’re engaged. Honestly if this was a few years ago, maybe I would care more and be more excited, but Katy Perry is really just not that relevant in my world anymore and I just don’t care. I mean I’m happy for her and I hope they have a long happy life together but whatever. Katy Perry is Miley Cyrus when she was going through her rebellious phase, except Katy isn’t going through a phase. I stuck by Miley through her wild ride because I knew she would come out the other end, but Katy Perry is just annoying and it isn’t a phase.

In other couples news, Miranda Lambert got married to her NYPD Officer boyfriend Brendan McLoughlin. This one was was a real shocker to me. Her love life has been a mess since her break up from Blake Shelton and I feel like it was just yesterday we were discussing her cheating scandal with her ex. I lost track of all her relationships and cheating accusations and was not even aware that she had a new boyfriend. It makes me feel much better that everyone else in this situation was just as surprised by the nuptials, but only because it was a secret wedding. She is one of my favorite female country artists so I’m happy she found someone she can be happy with but I’m still sad about the end of her marriage with Blake Shelton. I was heartbroken when they split and I guess I have to get over it because now she’s married and he has been in a committed relationship with Gwen Stefani for years now. I will never get over how much this relationship does not make any sense. They are the last two people on this planet that I ever envisioned would get together but somehow they did. She is funky and gives off the rock star vibe and Blake Shelton is a dorky country boy who is seems to be out of touch with technology and the ways of the world. Anyways I wish Miranda Lampert and her new husband all the luck and happiness.

This one is a little sad and frankly kind of disgusting. New developments have been made in the case of Jussie Smollett’s attack. Earlier last week, claims were made that Smollett orchestrated the attack on himself, in which bleach was poured on him and a noose was put around his neck, because he was being fired from the hit show “Empire.” These claims were shot down by both the show runners and the Chicago police department, where the attack took place. However, it was announced this weekend that the police department will now be investigating whether or not Smollett did in fact pay the two suspects to stage the attack.

“Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with. He has been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Jussie played a role in his own attack. Nothing is further from the truth.”

Read a statement released by Smollett’s attorneys.

I feel really sad for Jussie constantly having to defend himself about this attack that is still so fresh. People were very quick to disregard what happened to him and immediately began questioning the validity of his story. I personally don’t think that’s fair, and I think people should mind their own business. If he is lying they should trust that the police department will find out and he will pay the consequence. If they’re wrong, they are just assaulting him over and over again by continually questioning his story. I hope everything works out for him.

Disney Channel has announced the cast for their High School Musical television series. The new series will stream on Disney’s new streaming service called Disney+ and is set to premier later this year. The new series will take place a whopping 15 years after the original movie and will be about a group of students putting on a production of “High School Musical.” It will feature new songs and reinterpretations of some of our favorite originals. The cast features a bunch of actors who have already appeared on their own Disney Channel shows such as Andi Mack star Sofia Wylie,
Dara Renee, who was in the recent Freaky Friday TV musical and Bizaardvark’s Olivia Rodrigo. I don’t know about everyone else who shares my love for the original High School Musical movies, but I am not excited for this. Disney literally ruins everything they get their hands on. I understand that the original movie was in fact a product of Disney, but it comes from the era where Disney was still good. This was the era where That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Wizards of Waverly Place was still on. The last truly good Disney era. I feel like this is just a new version of Glee, which frankly got old by the fourth season and took me a whole year to get through after that. All I can say is I hope since it’s on the streaming service and not the network it won’t suck as bad as Girl Meets World. Hey a girl can hope.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the biggest headlines from this weekend.

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