TV Shows With The Best Series Finales You Can Watch Over And Over

Just as an athlete is only as good as his last game, a TV show is only as good as its final season. More importantly, its final episode.

Nothing is worse than watching your favorite TV show crash and burn in its final season. When the final season is just so bad you can’t even watch the older episodes, which are perfectly fine. However, nothing is better than when the final episode is the best of the series. Watching my favorite character’s story lines end the way I want is probably the best feeling I’ve ever had. As a dedicated viewer to multiple shows, I know a good finale when I see one. Here is my list of the best series finales I never get tired of watching.


I have watched the season finale of Parenthood so many times, and never get sick of it. Everyone’s story wrapped up in a realistic and heartbreaking way. Crosby takes control of the Luncheonette, and becomes a family man. Sarah marries Hank and helps him repair his relationship with his daughter. The moments at the wedding, like Max taking pictures, Drew’s speech and Zeke and Hank’s talk are all heartwarming. Joel and Julia get back together, which can I say, thank God. They are ultimate couple goals. Lastly, their tribute to Zeke, in the form of a family baseball game, after his death really is the cherry on top of a fantastic episode. I’m upset the show is over, but happy the finale didn’t ruin the rest of the show.


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I still cannot watch the series finale of Friends without tearing up a little. Sometimes, I skip it completely. The moment the keys go on the table and the gang walks out of the apartment, the floodgates open. The reason this finale is great is because it provides us with closure. We get what we want for each character, except maybe for Joey. He gets a spin off though so I guess we can excuse that. Phoebe gets her happy ending with Mike, Ross and Rachel finally remember they are meant to be and Chandler and Monica become parents. I don’t know what else we could have asked for in this finale.

Friday Night Lights

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The montage at the end of the episode showing where all the characters ended up is the ultimate tearjerker. The highlights of this episode for me have to be Riggins’ growth and Tammi and Eric’s relationship. Riggins is finally able to forgive his brother and accept his nephew. The two start building their dream house together. Also, shoutout to Mindy for taking in Becky and loving her as her own. After a season of fighter over what route to take, Tammi and Eric move to Philly. Eric gives up his dream job to allow Tammi to finally have her time to shine. Best onscreen couple of all time. The closing scene of them on the football field hits us all right in the heart.

Breaking Bad

TV Show breaking bad

Breaking Bad was one of the biggest shows of all time, so it’s not surprising people have a lot of opinions. While some don’t like the ending, most believe it is the perfect ending. It dealt with Walt finally realizing and admitting to himself what an asshole he was in the other seasons. He was able to resolve his issues with both Skylar and Jesse and took on a more selfless approach to life. While this may be somewhat non realistic, I think it was fine. Walt was ready to die. He knew the cancer was going to kill him eventually and just didn’t care anymore. He died saving Jesse and I think it was the least he could do after everything he did to him in the past.


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Thirty seven years later and the M*A*S*H series finale is still the best ever. Not only did M*A*S*H bring us closure with the end of the war, it provided us with a real sense of how war changes a person. The two hour series finale painted a picture of the effects of war on a person’s psyche. Major Charles Emerson Winchester III could no longer listen to music without remembering the tragedy of war. Corporal Klinger decided to stay in Korea and help his wife find her family. Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy lost his hearing while risking his life to save POWs. Lastly, the finale saw the breakdown of Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce. Throughout the show, he was always the funny one. However, after everything he witnessed, he too breaks down. The finale shows that trauma can affect anyone, even those who seem to always be happy.

The Office

Once Michael left the show, it truly went down the tubes. I don’t know how I kept watching, I thought it was that bad. The finale saved the show for me. Throughout the whole show, my favorite couple was always Dwight and Angela. I honestly couldn’t care less about Jim and Pam. Finally seeing them get married has to be one of the biggest highlights of the show. Plus, Michael comes back, and although he doesn’t say much, his one line is pure gold. My OTP gets married, Jim and Pam move so Jim can follow his dreams, Erin finds her birth parents, Kelly and Ryan run off together and Nellie gets to adopt Ryan’s baby. Honestly, what more could we ask for.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Lost finale, but I love it. I feel like those who don’t like it, don’t get it. It doesn’t mean they were dead the whole time and the island was fake. While I wasn’t satisfied with the reveal of what the smoke monster is and what that light tunnel does, I liked the ending. The flashsideways scenes throughout all of season six, take place after all the characters died. They were all in a sort of purgatory and could not move on until they all remembered each other and the island. The island was the most significant part of their lives and they had to realize it was meant to happen. I think it was a beautiful ending and made sense considering the show we were watching. If people expected a finale that didn’t make them think, I don’t know what show they were watching from the start.

30 Rock

For a TV Show that relied on humor, the finale was rather emotional. The network is cancelling Liz’s TV show which means not only do we have to say goodbye to the characters, but they have to say goodbye to each other. Even self obsessed Jenna is overwhelmed with emotion when coming to the realization that it’s all over. I never like when characters say goodbye to each other, but watching Liz say goodbye to Jack was especially hard. Those two were the best part of the show and their banter is unmatched. She also had a great moment with Tracey which was heartwarming. The end scene depicting an immortal Kenneth running NBC is absolute genius on Tina Fey’s part. Glad I can go back and re-watch on the Peacock app now!

Which TV Show with the best finale did I forget to mention? Let me know in the comments!

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