Trisha Paytas Leaves ‘Frenemies’ Podcast After Blowup with Ethan Klein

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein had yet another fight on their “Frenemies” podcast, ultimately leading to Trisha leaving the podcast for good.

As the title of the podcast suggest, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein didn’t start out as the best of friends. The whole premise of the show to begin with was how they don’t get along. If you ask me, it was only a matter of time until something went wrong and the show went under. Well, that day has finally arrived. In my opinion, this is nowhere near the worst fight they have had on the show. It doesn’t make sense to me that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I guess they can’t get over it. Without further ado, here is what went down in their last podcast.

How it all started

First of all, this whole argument happened while Trisha and Ethan were dressed in crazy costumes. So hard to take them serious when they look like that. Honestly though, who’s ever trying to take them seriously. Trisha initially got mad when Ethan kept interrupting her when she was trying to talk about the movie “Brokeback Mountain.” She was attempting to speak on trans rights, and didn’t like that Ethan wasn’t paying attention. This is where things took a nasty turn.

Trisha brought up the next segment, which was supposed to feature Trisha and Ethan giving fans advice. Well that definitely didn’t happen. After Trisha called the segment lazy and boring, Ethan got offended, but decided not to do it. She then took it one step further and called the entire podcast lazy and boring. This prompted Ethan to call her out for contributing nothing to the podcast, except showing up the day of and talking into a mic. He defended himself and the crew, who work hard to produce the show.

Where it ended up

Once Trisha heard Ethan say she contributes nothing, she saw red. According to her, every idea she’s ever brought to Ethan, he has ignored. Upon hearing this, Ethan lists every idea Trisha brought to them that eventually made it onto the podcast. What Trisha doesn’t understand here, is that coming up with an idea is only half the work. The production team is who actually makes those ideas come to life. Trisha further calls the podcast lazy by saying Ethan recycles content on his different channels.

This conversation went on for a while. Trisha really made no sense, claiming one second she doesn’t like recycled content, and the next saying she doesn’t mind. Not quite sure how she really feels about that. One topic she really didn’t like was Ethan announcing his wife’s pregnancy on the Frenemies podcast. She said they already announced it on another podcast, so it wasn’t really an announcement. Trisha is honestly one big walking eggshell. She is ready to crack at any moment. They argue about that for a while, but the real reason for her exit comes later.

The Big Kahuna

As if all this wasn’t embarrassing enough for Trisha, she brings money into the equation. Am I the only one that was taught money is always discussed in private? Basically Trisha is upset that she has no creative control, or control over who is hired. Why would she? She herself is an employee of that company. Then we find out that Ethan makes 5% more money on each video than Trisha does. This is a big point of contention for her as she thinks they should make an equal amount. Ethan explained his extra 5% goes towards productions cost.

The two argue about what production costs should be. Trisha even goes as far as to ask Ethan for an itemized list of what production spends their money on. Ethan refuses, they argue some more, and Trisha gets so offended, she storms off. It is really unclear what Ethan said that made Trisha so upset, but she walked off and the show is officially over.

I’m confused

I watched the entire argument go down, and I am still so confused as to what triggered Trisha Paytas to walk out. It is sure to be the mystery of our generation. I think the cursed pizza has something to do with it. Personally, I found nothing wrong with anything Ethan said to her and think he makes complete sense. Ethan has a family to think about, it is his production company, and Trisha is just the talent. She does bring in a lot of views, but at the end of the day, those are the terms she agreed to. Why bring it up now? She claims she isn’t leaving because of the money, but that is all that is being talked about so that’s a little hard to believe.

Anyways, they have both made videos on their sides of the story so check those out for more information.

Who’s side are you on? Why? Let me know in the comments!

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