The Undoing Finale Finally Reveals who the Killer Is

The Undoing finale aired last night on HBO Max, and fans finally found out who really killed Elena Alvez. Was it the husband, the son, or was it Grace?

Guys, television should not be allowed to do this to a person. Last night’s episode had everyone on the edge of their seats, including me! For the past five episodes of The Undoing, we have been trying to figure out who killed Elena Alvez and now we finally know! I think we all knew from the start that Jonathan did it, but they threw so many curveballs our way. Anyways, let’s get into some highlights from last night’s episode.

Henry has the Hammer

Noah Jupe as Henry Frasier

The biggest shock from last week’s episode was that Henry has the murder weapon. He’s had it for three weeks and kept it a secret in order to protect his dad. In this episode we find out Henry could go to jail for obstruction of justice if they present the hammer to court. It would also further incriminate Jonathan. The biggest thing to come from this discovery is Jonathan turning the tables on Henry and privately accusing him of the murder. This was a popular fan theory, but I never bought into it. Henry overhears though which is really sad for him.

Miguel’s Testimony

I have to hand it to the Fraiser’s lawyer, calling Miguel to the stand was a great idea. His testimony really incriminated his dad and made him seem like a possible suspect. The acting that kid pulled off was so perfect, I actually started crying. It really seemed like Jonathan was going to walk away a free man for a second there. I agree with the prosecutor that the decision to put Miguel on the stand was dirty and a spectacle.

Grace Testifies

Nicole Kidman as Grace Frasier

Nicole Kidman as Grace Frasier in The Undoing is my favorite thing. I absolutely love her in this role. She should only do crime dramas from now on, because she is great in them. Grace finally has he come to Jesus moment in this episode and hatches a plan to get her husband convicted. In a surprising move, she gets her lawyer friend to feed evidence to the prosecutor. Then, she convinces her attorney to put her on the stand. While seemingly protecting her husband, she reveals his narcissistic behavior and lack of empathy.

She brings up concerning moments from his childhood which prove him to be emotionless. One of them being when he caused his sister’s death and literally didn’t care. That would concern me too. It also doesn’t help that she once told police she was afraid of him. This was such a perfect way to inadvertently testify against her husband and get back at him. A mom really will do anything to protect her son. As his lawyer said, this could have been avoided if only he got rid of the hammer. He truly could not have been more stupid.

Jonathan Kidnaps Henry

In a truly unexpected twist, Jonathan decides to kidnap Henry and smuggle him into Canada. Canada is better than maximum security prison I guess. Some of the best acting of the series occurs in the last 15 minutes. Jonathan, realizing he’s been caught, is completely unhinged and is no longer putting on a persona. He weaves in and out of traffic, almost killing both him and his son, all while Grace watches from a helicopter above. The fear in Henry’s eyes is palpable.

He realizes he isn’t going to make it to Canada so he parks his car in the middle of the bridge and threatens to jump off. I personally wouldn’t care if he lived or died at that point, but Henry was pleading with him to come back down and just settle for life in prison. Grace running towards her son snaps Jonathan into his warped sense of reality. He thinks Grace is running towards the both of them so they can be a family again. The rage on his face when he realizes she only came to take his son away is truly terrifying.

Anyways, that’s where the episode ends, leaving us to believe Jonathan goes to prison and his family lives happily ever after without him.

What did you think of The Undoing series finale? Let me know in the comments!

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