The Only Comedies You Should Watch When You Need A Laugh

Comedies bring laughter and allow us to forget our troubles, even if for only thirty minutes. In these uncertain times, finding the good is more important than ever!

Comedies are either a hit or miss. If the jokes are too predictable, it’s deemed a flop, and if the audience isn’t hooked right away, kiss a second season goodbye. With so many different brands of comedy, it is hard to know if your show will have a large enough audience. A good comedy is one that actually gets me to laugh out loud. One that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is deviates from the status quo. That being said, here is the list I came up with for the best comedies to bless our screens in recent history.

The Office

When I first watched The Office, let me tell you, I hated it. That show has to have the worst first season I have ever seen. I’m glad I gave it a second chance though because I actually found it funny after a while. For me, the smaller characters make the show great. Stanley, Kelly, Angela and Andy have to be my favorite and were the only consistently funny characters on the show. It accurately portrays what it’s like to work with people who drive you crazy, but who you can’t help but love. If you really want to laugh, watch the Stress Relief and Dinner Party episodes.


This show had me hooked from the first episode! Do yourself a favor and watch this as soon as you can. The main character is really unlovable but at the same time you can’t help but root for her. Even when she is trying to seduce a priest in the second season. This is a completely bingeable with a total of 16 episodes which are each 25 minutes long. If I finished in a day, so can you. It’s smart comedy that doesn’t spell everything out for the viewer. Hint: pay close attention to the sculpture of a naked lady.

New Girl

I want to thank Liz Meriwether for creating Schmidt, Winston and Nick. The true holy trinity. You find yourself rooting for each character and immediately fall in love them. Nick’s inability to be an effective adult, Schmidt’s anal personality and Winston’s uniqueness are a perfect blend. Throw in Jess’ quirky nature and you have yourself a fantastic show. Every episode features the group in different entertaining antics. Plus, Jess and Nick’s love story is one for the ages. It also brought us potentially the best drinking game ever invented. If someone can teach me how to play True American, I will forever love them.


A list of the best comedies on TV cannot exist without including Friends. It is 10 seasons of absolute perfection if you ask me. Everyone has a friend they identify as, because each one of the characters is relatable. I personally identify as Phoebe with Chandler’s sarcasm. It shows us all the growth people go through from their early 20s and into their 30s. Some may call it predictable and more of the same, but it went for 10 seasons, and people continue to binge it, so I think that speaks for itself. Please don’t forget the unagi and make sure to pivot.

Schitt’s Creek

The best decision I ever made was introducing myself to the Rose family. Comedy legends Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy reunite to give us absolute comedy gold. From Moira’s ridiculous accent, to David and Alexis’ complete inability to do anything right, this show takes comedy to another level. While they’re completely out of touch with reality in the beginning, they grow individually and as a family. With a lot of hi jinxes along the way. David’s friendship with Stevie and his relationship with Patrick are standouts. If you don’t watch more than one episode, make that one where they make enchiladas. You won’t be sorry!

Arrested Development

This Jason Bateman led comedy is basically Schitt’s Creek before Schitt’s Creek existed. The premise is the same, in that the family loses all their money, but the outcomes are different. Arrested Development’s humor is based in situational irony and misunderstandings. The newer episodes Netflix released are not quite as funny, but the original three seasons are absolute dynamite. There is the whole Mr. F story line and George Michael’s girlfriend who no one can remember. Just watch the pilot and you’ll be hooked.

What’s your favorite comedy? Let me know in the comments!

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