The Definitive Ranking of the Best Halloween Movies

There is nothing better than snuggling up with some form of a pumpkin spice beverage and watching all the best Halloween movies.

Every year I look forward to the month of October. The one month in the year when all my favorite movies from my childhood are constantly on repeat on just about every channel. The Halloween movies that aired when I was a kid basically defined my childhood and were the source of many Halloween costume ideas. I can’t be the only one who continues to looks forward to watching arguably the best movies ever made. I however know I am the only one who enjoys watching the movies more than actually celebrating the actual Halloween holiday. Anyways, now that we’re one unpopular opinion down, let’s get into the rankings of the best Halloween movies ever made.

1. Hocus Pocus

Of course the reigning champion of all Halloween movies is the Bette Midler classic, Hocus Pocus. I cannot let one Halloween go by without watching the Sanderson sisters come back for one night to terrorize Max, Dani and Allison. It has everything you could want from a Halloween movie, or any movie in general. A lovable sassy villain, some adult humor to keep everyone interested, a sick musical number and a cute cat. I’ve already watched it twice this month and I know for sure that number will go up by the end of this month.

2. All the Halloweentown Movies

Let me make an amendment, all the Halloweentown movies except for the fourth one. In my eyes there is only one Marnie Piper and that is the incomparable Kimberly J. Brown. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sarah Paxton did a great job, and the movie was great, but Brown will always be my Marnie Piper. The story of Marnie rebelling against her mom and pursuing her true identity as a witch, which then later ended up reuniting her mom and grandmother is a classic. Plus Debbie Reynolds is a queen in all these movies as Aggie and I stan a queen. I could watch these movies all day.

3. Casper Meets Wendy

I know the inclusion of this Casper movie over the original will cause some controversy and not many people will agree, but this movie was my favorite as a kid. Hilary Duff as a young witch who was hated by her family, making friends with a ghost was totally believable. I was extremely jealous of Wendy and wanted to be her, minus the three horrible aunts, and have Casper as my bestie for life. I was especially touched when her aunts banded together to try and save Wendy, even with the threat of losing their magic looming over their heads. Overall a fantastic movie.

4. Don’t Look Under the Bed

The one thing I am most disappointed about is the fact that Disney Channel no longer plays Don’t Look Under the Bed on their network. This is one of my favorite Disney Channel Original Movies and now I can’t find it anywhere. Despite its disappearance from my life, my love for the movie has not faded. The message behind the movie about the importance of holding on to your imagination and not trying to grow up to fast is a great one. It’s one of the more underrated ones out there, but I think it deserves way more love than it gets.

5. Haunted Mansion

Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion reminds me of my childhood so it deserved a spot on this list. In true Eddie Murphy fashion, the movie is hilarious and is fun for the whole family. Murphy plays a workaholic dad who promises his family a fun weekend camping trip. Of course, that doesn’t happen and the family ends up in a literal haunted mansion and in danger. The owner of the mansion is in love with Murphy’s wife and is trying to kill her in order to be happier in the afterlife. Sounds reasonable to me!

Anyways, I know these movies were a little out there and not one’s that are usually found on these list. This however, is my list and these are the movies that I love. Let me know what your favorite movies are in the comments. I might watch them and they could end up on next year’s list.

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