Taylor Swift Masters Sold Once Again Without Her Consent

The Taylor Swift drama with Scooter Braun is once again proving to be never ending, after Scooter sells his record company, including all of Swift’s original masters.

Taylor Swift is sounding off once again against Scooter Braun and his business dealings. We all know Taylor is not a fan of Scooter, or his ownership of her masters. Well he doesn’t own them anymore. Scooter sold Big Machine Labor Group for $300 million. This means, he also sold all of Swift’s masters. You would think she’d be happy he no longer owns them then. Well you would be wrong. Turns out, there is a lot we, the public, don’t know about Taylor and Scooter’s relationship. Taylor posted two letters on Twitter to explain her feelings.

Apparently, Taylor has been trying to buy back her masters for a while. Braun demanded she sign an NDA ensuring she will never speak ill of him again, or there was no deal. Obviously Taylor didn’t go for this, and remains mastersless. I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan out there, but the longer this drama plays out, I find myself more and more on Taylor’s side. I never thought this day would come. I usually think she’s being whiny and annoying, but in this case, I think she has a point.

Taylor Swift

It only gets worse when you find out, that Shamrock Holdings, the company which bought the masters, attempted to contact Taylor, before the deal went through. Scooter once again got in the way, claiming the deal would be off if they reached out to Taylor and her team. This guy just doesn’t know how to be decent. To make matters even worse, under the terms of their agreement, Scooter will still make money off her music for at least a few years. This makes any possibility of a collaboration with Shamrock a definite nonstarter.

Anyways, Taylor is well into the rerecording process, so we can all look forward to “new” music from her.

What do you think of this crazy drama? Who’s side are you on? Let me know in the comments!

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