Let’s Talk About the Weekend

If you were hiding under a rock all weekend and woke up this Monday very confused, have no fear, Joyce is here and she will tel you what you missed during your weekend news cleanse. Well, at least what she considers important. Let's start off with the biggest event from this weekend... the Super Bowl.… Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Weekend

Ariana Grande’s Diss Track

Pete Davidson, um thank you but next. Ariana Grande has proven herself to be the queen of pettiness and I am so here for it. Her new song "Thank U, Next" is all about her famous exes and her moving on from them. Not only does she call out her most recent famous exes, but… Continue reading Ariana Grande’s Diss Track

Ariana Grande is a Single Woman Once Again

Turns out, getting engaged only five weeks after dating someone, is not an indication that the relationship is built to last.It's official, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called off their engagement and are no longer a couple. Show of hands, who else saw this coming? This relationship never made sense to me and it… Continue reading Ariana Grande is a Single Woman Once Again