Selena Gomez Drops New Music, Is the Song About Justin?

Selena Gomez dropped new music for the first time in nearly five years, and fans have been quick to speculate the song is about Justine Bieber.

Selena Gomez released a song this morning titled “Lose You to Love Me” and the lyics heavily suggest she is talking about her relationship with Justin Bieber. With lyrics saying ” I put you first and you adored it/ Set fires to my forest/ And you let it burn” she referenced the toxicity which existed within that relationship. She also sings “In two months, you replaced us/ Like it was easy/ Made me think I deserved it/ In the thick of healing, yeah” which is the biggest hint that this song is about her breakup with Bieber. Fans will remember how shocked we all were when only two months after their breakup, Bieber was spotted with Hailey Baldwin, and not to long afterwards they were engaged.

Two side by side photos featuring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as a couple, and Justin and Hailey as a couple.

Besides all the references to their relationship, the chorus focuses on Selena’s climb out of the depression, and how she found herself again. The former Disney Star sings, “I needed to lose you to find me/ This dance, it was killing me softly/ I needed to hate you to love me, yeah.” The dancing is also a reference to her relationship with Justin. In a previous Selena Gomez song, “Love Will Remember,” released in 2013, she sang about dancing with her love forever. Given she was with Justin at the time it can be assumed she was speaking about him, which makes this line all the more heartbreaking. Instead of dancing with her love forever, she realized her love for this man was killing her. She realized that leaving him, although it hurts at first, was her only way to find love for herself again.

Hailey and Justin Respond

Justin and Hailey decided to pull the petty lever and respond to Selena’s song. It’s only speculated that this was a direct response, but I think it is. Only minutes after Selena released the song, Hailey posted on her Instagram story that she was listening to “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker. Not the best message you want to send out if you want to seem above all the drama. If I think about it from her perspective though, I guess I can understand it. Imagine marrying the love of your life and still feeling like the other woman in the relationship. It can be hard, I guess, for others to constantly think of your man with another woman, but deal with it. Jelena was once an OTP and it’s hard to move past that. You’re married to him okay, you won.

Two photos of Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber at their wedding.

My Opinion

I actually really like the song. I’m happy she took her time with it and really dug deep into her feelings, rather than releasing something right away. It is a more stripped back version of Selena Gomez than I had seen before, and I think it worked for her. The lyrics were very articulate and I feel like everyone who has experienced some form of heartbreak can relate to what she is saying. I was never a fan of her music before but this song makes me feel as if she has matured as an artist, and I actually think she sounds better than she ever has in the past. Miley Cyrus’ “Slide Away” and Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” are my top breakup songs of the year.

Anyways, take a listen to the song yourself and then tell me who you think it’s about.

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