Rihanna Finally Has New Music; Is It What Fans Wanted

Rihanna has made her official return to music today, something fans have been asking for for years, but is this what they meant?

For the past four years, Rihanna fans have been begging the 32-year-old artist for new music. This morning their prayers have been answered… kind of. Rihanna is featured on one of PartyNextDoor’s songs off his new album Partymobile. The nine-time Grammy award winner is featured on the song “Believe It” and can be heard singing right off the bat as she starts the song off singing the chorus. She pops in every so often throughout the song but her part is mostly reserved for the chorus. The chorus comes along three times in a three minute song so we don’t really hear Rihri as much as any of us would like.

Rihanna promoting Fenty Beauty
Rihanna promoting Fenty Beauty

I know we have all been waiting for new music from Rihanna, but is this what the fans actually want. The last time she put out an album was in 2016 with Anti. Full disclosure, I don’t listen to Rihanna and can’t name two songs off that album. All I know is if an artist I love promises new music and I only get a few lines, I’m mad. Sure Rihanna has a lingerie line and a very successful makeup line and is very busy. She’s also in two big movies. We want new music though, and teases like this are not nice! Where is the full length album? After all this hype, maybe I’ll even listen to this one! You’re losing a potential fan here, who just wants to know what the hold up is.

Believe It ft. Rihanna

Audio of “Believe It” PartyNextDoor’s new song.

Rihanna seems to enjoy teasing us with claims that a new album is coming. She confirmed it was coming in late 2019 but withheld a specific date. Then teased us further with claims she is in studio and so excited about new music. Clearly new music did not come in 2019. I guess what she meant by that is she is excited to do features on other artist’s songs. In 2017 she was on “Lemon” with N.E.R.D., “Loyalty” with Kendrick Lamar, “Selfish” with Future and “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled. No more guest spots! We want a full album and we want it now!

Anyways, check back in later this year to see if this highly anticipated album is ever actually released.

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