Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 Starts With Explosive Feud

Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off last night with a wild rumor and an explosive feud between Jackie and Teresa. Looks like another great season ahead!

There is nothing like the joy Teresa Giudice gets from spreading a rumor. There is also nothing as infuriating as watching Teresa fail to understand logic. It isn’t a new frustration watching a housewife flounder in their lack of understanding, but it never gets easier. From the beginning of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, this has been Teresa’s flaw. It also doesn’t help, the person she was sparring with this time is successful lawyer Jackie. Logic can’t break through that thick skull of Teresa’s. Anyways, the season premier included little more that was exciting besides the Teresa and Jackie feud. Let’s get into it!

Evan’s Party

The main event of the episode is Jackie’s husband Evan’s 46th birthday party. Her we see all the ladies gathered together for the first time this season. All was going great, until Teresa, the woman with cement for brains, showed up. It seems like she wanted to start trouble the second she arrived. She immediately starts talking, very loudly, to the girls about Evan possibly cheating on Jackie.

This rumor, which she’s apparently known about for a year, seems completely baseless. I think Teresa just never liked Jackie and is always ready to make her life hell. Also, it was so sad watching Jackie all happy at the party, completely oblivious to what is going on behind her back. Bad move Teresa! Anyways, besides that the party wasn’t very interesting. This may be the season the tide turns for Jackie and she finds the fans on her side.

Dolores Can’t Figure It Out

How have we all realized David is a crap boyfriend, but Dolores hasn’t yet? I mean, he never shows up to anything, which he knows bothers Dolores, and he threw her plastic surgery in her face. Also, if a woman builds a literal house for you, it’s common courtesy to ask her to move into that house. Just saying. Frank on the other hand compliments her, shows up to events for her and is an overall better companion for her. The day I found out he also has a significant other was the worst day of my life. The only positive with David is he is letting Frankie stay with him while he studies. Besides that he sucks.

I know you all agree with me on this. Her and Frank just have too much fun together to not be a couple. Anyways, I can go on about this forever. I have to stop.

Melissa and Jennifer Were There

So Melissa really did nothing in this episode except show up to the party and be disgusted by Teresa’s rumor spreading. Not much to say there. Jennifer had somewhat of a storyline essentially comparing her mother to Satan. I feel so bad for her mother. Last season, Jennifer exploited her mother’s struggle to accept her son’s sexual orientation. I get that it probably helped others in that situation, but her mom was definitely not comfortable being exposed like that.

As if that wasn’t enough, this season she is basically accusing her mom of abusing her father. Her mother didn’t sign up for the show, Jennifer did. I have to admit though, her father was such a cute old man. I just hope Jen finds something else to talk about this season, and doesn’t trash her mom the whole time. The whole, it’s her life she has to share it, argument does not apply here. She isn’t sharing her skeletons, she is sharing her mother’s and that is not okay.

Margaret is the MVP

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 11 episode 1 MVP is definitely Margaret Josephs. Her facial expressions when Teresa was talking to her, are truly what my face looked like while watching the episode. She spent the whole first half of the episode celebrating her new boobs, they look great by the way. Also, I don’t know what she’s doing but her face is looking more beautiful than ever this season. Lastly, her awkward reactions while Teresa and Jackie’s tense conversation was going on in her house, were so relatable. I lived for it.

The Infamous Showdown

I don’t know if Jackie went into this conversation thinking she would get something out of it, but if she did, boy was she wrong. The situation escalated too quickly and everything imploded. This is where another one of Teresa’s fatal flaws comes into play. Teresa is incredibly incapable of owning up to her mistakes, and understanding why she hurt someone’s feelings. All Jackie wanted was for Teresa to say the rumor is not true and to clear her husband’s name. Not a confusing ask in my opinion.

Of course, Teresa is completely unable to put herself in Jackie’s shoes and understand how she feels. You think it would be easy for her, considering all the cheating rumors Teresa has battled over the years. She literally almost chocked out Kim D for insinuating the same thing about her husband. All Jackie did was calmly demand an apology and for Teresa to say it was a lie.

Teresa’s “reasoning” for believing the rumor that a bunch of married men are in her DMs makes zero sense. Unless Evan was in those DMs, which I doubt he is, that is not proof of him cheating. When Jackie tries to point out that repeating a rumor with no proof behind it is harmful, all hell breaks loose. The analogy Jackie chooses is “I heard Gia does coke in the bathroom at parties.” To me this made perfect sense, but to Teresa it was an accusation. She can’t see past the words and can’t understand that Jackie is just making a point and not actually accusing Gia of doing drugs.

Anyways, nothing is achieved with this conversation and the two are back where they started. I hope Margaret can get her deposit back on that Lake George house.

Team Jackie or Team Teresa

Whose side are you on, Jackie or Teresa? Why? Are you excited for the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments!

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo TV on Wednesday nights if you want to keep up!

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