Real Housewives Cast Trips With The Most Drama And Craziness

The best part of every real housewives season, no matter which franchise, is without a doubt the annual cast trip. No matter where they go, we know drama is sure to follow.

I love to see these rich women travel to exotic locations, just to yell at each other. I mean, do they really need to sit in a plane and fly across the globe to do that? It doesn’t seem to be hard to do so in their own respective cities. Nevertheless, they always go on these trips thinking all will be smiles and rainbows, just for their problems to get immeasurably worse. Worse for them, means more entertainment for us though, so for this I am grateful. Here is my list for the five messiest housewives trips of all time.


Thailand is without a doubt the most insane trip the Dallas cast has been on so far. Seeing Cameron in the red light district in a condom restaurant and running out of a ping pong show terrified sealed the deal for me. Even if all the craziness with Leanne, Kary and D’Andra didn’t happen, I would still love this trip. Leanne’s (multiple) racist outbreak against Kary were hard to watch, but as someone who never liked Leanne, I was happy. I knew this would be her end and I was happy to watch her demise. Plus, Kary quickly became one of my favorite housewives so I loved this season in general. This trip definitely brought all the drama and I was here for it.

Scary Island

I mean, can we mention iconic housewives trips without mentioning Scary Island. Watching someone have an actual mental breakdown is saddening but led to a lot of quotable moments. To quote Bethenny for instance, Kelly went completely “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” claiming Bethenny was trying to kill her. She also accuses Alex of channeling the devil and experimenting with Kabuki makeup. I mean, sure Jan. Also, Bethenny allegedly has attacked Gwyneth Paltrow. After all these wild accusations, Kelly starts yelling Al Sharpton and rants about gummy bears. This is what us housewives fans live for! All this should not overshadow the ridiculous photoshoot Alex and Kelly had on the beach. Johan face!

Lake George

The every present drama between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga took center stage during this trip. The whole point of the trip was to repair their relationship so that makes sense though. Everyone’s favorite, and the most shocking part of this trip, was the brawl between the two Joe’s. I don’t care what anyone says, Joe Gorga started it. Same goes for the fight at the infamous christening. In the end however, this bunch figured out a way to put their troubles behind them and move on. For that reason, but mainly the epic brawl, this trip deserves a spot on this list. Also, shoutout to Joe Gorgas black hair gel that stained everyone and everything. That will forever be iconic.


Let’s throw it back to a time we weren’t embarrassed to admit we like Kelly Dodd. Let’s face it, without her this Ireland trip would have been a soozefest. Did anyone actually care about Meghan’s search for distant relatives? I know I didn’t. This trip gave us so many iconic moments. Tamra hyperventilating in a car, Shannon’s sequined green shirt that won’t go away, the constant usage of “top of the morning to you,” part two of naked wasted and the eventual demise of Tamra and Vicki’s friendship. Seeing Tamra scream in Vicki’s face will always be a highlight for me. I truly do not like that woman. She never learns or takes ownership of anything. Anyways, I loved this trip.


Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson did not come to play for their first season. What was supposed to be a nice trip to visit Yolanda’s family turned into World War III. The season started with conflicting views on whether or not Kim is sober, which split the group. Pretty much it was Brandi and Kim versus everyone else. It all culminated in this one dinner in Amsterdam where Eileen was called a beast, Rinna broke a glass and almost choked out Kim and Kyle ran out of the restaurant like a child. If needed, I can recite this scene word for word. Can someone play this scene for the current cast letting them know this is the content we want. Also, in a later scene, Brandi slaps LVP which is also television gold.

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