Paris Hilton Shows Audiences A New Side In ‘This Is Paris’

Paris Hilton shows everyone who the real Paris Hilton really is in new YouTube documentary “This Is Paris.” Let me tell you, this is one documentary worth watching.

One thing is for sure, I did not expect to cry while watching a documentary about Paris Hilton. There is so much we as fans don’t know about her life, it’s insane. I always suspected, she can’t be as dumb and out of touch as she seems, but I didn’t think I was this far off base. To start off, Paris is much less glamorous than I ever expected. Sure, she wears glamorous clothes and lives in a big house, but her life is really hectic. I definitely don’t want to switch places with her anymore.


I was very shocked to learn, Paris was more of a tomboy as a kid. In all the home videos, Paris has an animal in her hand, is near an animal, or is playing with an animal. Her mom even said she thought Paris was gonna be a veterinarian. We all know that didn’t happen. Her nickname was Star and people were always commenting on how beautiful she was. Her grandmother compared her to Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, which is an image Paris has always tried to live up to. She loved her family and overall had a great life.

Everything changed, when the family moved to New York. The socialite scene in New York is crazy, and your reputation is everything. Paris says, her family put her in etiquette school, were really strict and Paris wasn’t allowed to do anything she wanted.

They wanted me to be a Hilton and I just wanted to be Paris

Paris Hilton “This Is Paris”

She began to rebel from what her parents wanted for her and finally had enough. This is the side of Paris I was surprised to learn about. I mean, I know about the crazy party days as an adult, but not about her rebellious high school days. She is way more layered than I think any of us expected. Skipping school, partying at clubs with a fake ID and breaking all her parent’s rules apparently was commonplace. I really wasn’t expecting what comes next in her story. When her partying got to crazy, the Hilton’s sent Paris to a series of manual labor camps for troubled teens. Paris again brings up the fact that they cared more about their ruined reputation than what she was going through.

Abusive Past

At the first camp, she was caught trying to escape, and was subsequently beat up by the guards in front of the whole camp. She went to a series of camps after that, but escaped from each one. She claims, this is when she lost trust in her family because they refused to believe she was willing to change without the camps. I mean can you blame her? She seems to still hold a lot of anger and resentment towards her family, but that is also understandable. The last place she went though was the worst.

Throughout the documentary, her insomnia and nightmares are mentioned. Her nightmare features her being taken in the night from her bedroom. We find out later, this actually happened as she was taken to Provo Canyon School in Utah. Here she suffered abuse in the form of being forced to take pills, strangled, thrown in solitary confinement and sexual and verbal abuse. I can’t even imagine. She dealt with this by blocking it out and making her dreams come true.

She came out of there determined to never lose control of her life again. Her dream from this point on was to make $1 billion. Basically to make enough money so that her parents can never have control over her and she can have whatever she wants, because everything was taken from her. I have so much respect for her now. This persona is her defense mechanism and her armor so no one can hurt her again. She even admits, she doesn’t care one iota about anything she owns, and is way more comfortable in sweats. Although she recognizes it’s not healthy, she is committed to keeping her brand alive as long as she can.

The Paris Brand

Let’s start with the demands of her career. She travels 250 days out of the year, ans has been to every country on the map. As she says however, all she’s ever seen is hotel rooms and the clubs she makes appearances at. This lifestyle makes it difficult to sustain any kind of relationship, romantic or platonic. She says herself, there are only a few people outside her family who knew her before fame, and know the real Paris. The brand she created is one of perfection, which can be hard to live up to. She feels stuck in this persona, and finds it hard to differentiate what is the brand, and what is her at this point.

We don’t see the anxiety she has while packing or the fights she has with her significant others. We don’t see her chilling in her sweats and goofing off with her family. The moments in the documentary, when she was jumping up and down and skipping around all silly, were some of my favorites. There are super relatable things about her that doesn’t fit her brand, and therefore the public never gets to see. In a world which craves authenticity, I don’t know how she has been able to keep this persona up. I think most people just didn’t see it as a persona, but her authentic self. Those people should watch this.

The Original Influencer

Part of Paris Hilton’s success is her ability to use social media. At one point she says she spends 16 hours a day on social media. I spend less than half of that time on my phone total and probably two hours of that is social media. Even before social media was a thing though, Paris was an influencer. She calls herself “the original infuencer” and I agree with her. She invented the selfie, was paid to wear clothes out in public and was happy to do it. Everything she did back then, she does now, just on social media. Her influence and impact on the way we craft our image in the public is out of this world.

With all the good she has brought us, Paris sees the negative that comes with social media. Well, of course she can, she’s experienced it herself. At the height of “The Simple Life” a paparazzi photo of Paris would sell anywhere from $50k to $1 million. Can you imagine the pressure to always look good when there is constantly a herd of people shoving cameras in your face? She claims, she helped create a monster and feels responsible for the social media dominated world we live in today. I don’t think it’s all her fault, and she should give herself a break.

Sex Tape

Still from Paris Hilton's sex tape

There are many points in the documentary that brought me to tears, and the part about her sex tape is one of them. She talks about how in love she was with this boy and how she would have done anything to please him. All the signs of an abusive relationship are there, and I felt so bad for her in that moment. It makes so much more sense knowing why she felt she had to do it, after learning about her abuse. All she wanted was love. She admits, this isn’t the only abusive relationship she had. She says there have been five with some throwing phones and laptops at her. Due to her abuse, she viewed this as love.

The worst part for me, was people claiming she released it on purpose in order to get famous. She calls it a “blueprint to getting famous” for people who came after her. It was released without her consent and that really must have hurt. Also, it seems like her family really didn’t care that Paris was hurting, but just that it hurt their family’s reputation. That’s really annoying. The trust issues which stemmed from this are so depressing. She plants hidden cameras to spy on her boyfriends and buys a new laptop, every time she starts a new relationship in case they try to hack into her laptop.

Wrap Up

Anyways, after watching this documentary, my respect for Paris Hilton has gone up exponentially. I think she is one of the smartest celebrities out there, and probably one of the hardest working ones as well.

Have you watched the documentary? What’s your opinion of Paris Hilton? Let me know in the comments!

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