Olivia Jade Receiving the Brunt of this College Admissions Scandal

Turns out lying and paying your way into a prestigious college will result in a loss of almost all your brand deals.

Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter and one of the students who was admitted to USC under false pretenses, has been experiencing nothing but lows since the admissions scandal was announced. She has kind of become the face of the whole scandal and it seems like people everywhere are coming after her and calling out her privilege. Olivia’s Instagram comments are blowing up with haters calling her spoiled, a waste of space, dumb, saying she deserves to be kicked out of school and her parents deserve to go to prison. This has only intensified after reports surfaced that the YouTube star was on the official USC yacht partying when news of the scandal broke. The post that has received the most backlash is one of her in a letterman’s jacket. This angered users because she was accepted to USC through as a student athlete as a supposed member of the rowing team, essentially stealing the spot of not only a normal hardworking student, but also an actual student athlete. The comments are flooded with student athletes telling their stories and how hard it is to keep up their grades while also excelling at their sport. Others simply throw profanities her way and wish death upon her, which if you ask me is a little excessive.

Not only has she been written off by her followers, she has also been dropped by at least three companies she had brand deals with. Back in 2017 it was announced that Olivia and her mother would be participating in a limited partnership with HP. The company has since removed the content from the partnership from its website. In addition, clothing company Princess Polly has also removed all merchandise connected to a 2018 collaboration with the influencer from its website. Possibly the biggest company to break ties with the YouTube star is Sephora. Olivia Jade prides herself on running a popular makeup and lifestyle YouTube page and announced with excitement a collaboration with the company in the form of a face pressed powder palette with her name on it. This was a huge milestone for her and she continually expressed how excited she was to have accomplished a major like goal and to have one of her dreams come true. She threw herself a big launch party and really tried to sell the product, even posting a tutorial on how to apply it which also showed how the palette was conceived. It seems as though the dream has turned into a nightmare though with Sephora announcing Thursday morning that after recent developments they will end the partnership immediately.

I feel bad for her that at 19 years old she has lost every ounce of credibility and that there will always be questions surrounding her future successes, but I’m not sad for her. She will be fine. She comes from a very wealthy family who could not only afford to pay $500,000 to cheat the system but can also afford to pay tuition for two USC students and also pay $2 million for bail. She’ll be just fine. Also there is no way she didn’t know what her parents were doing. There are those students who’s SATs were switched or corrected without their knowledge, and for them I feel slightly more empathetic, but that is not the boat Olivia is in. What did she think she was doing when she was posing for pictures using a rowing machine? Also, did she not think it was weird that when applying to college she was named a student athlete? I’ve applied to college before, I know how it works, and there is no way she didn’t know. I mean I still feel like people should leave her alone, I get that they’re mad but she’s already paying for her actions through the loss of these brand deals. I think we all have the right to be angry but we can lay off the 19 year old who was just participating in privileged activities, the way she has since the day she was born.

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