Netflix’s ‘Dead To Me’ Renewed For Third And Final Season

Dead To Me, the super popular Netflix show, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, will come to an end after its third season.

Netflix’s Dead To Me is coming to an end. I don’t know why Netflix keeps ending my favorite shows, but I’m happy they’re giving them at least one more season. First Ozark and now this? I don’t think I can take another cancellation. I am so excited to see what is in store for Jen and Judy in this next season. Season 2 ended with multiple cliffhangers and loose ends that need tying up. I’m sad it’s ending but happy these characters are getting proper endings.

Dead to me
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Not much is known about what the third season will hold, I mean it doesn’t even have a release date. What I do know, is as long as Christina and Linda star in it, it will be amazing. They are what make this show so great. Those two, mixed in with creator Liz Feldman’s imagination is a recipe for success and hilarity. The chemistry these two share is off the chart, and I could not imagine a better duo. I feel like they are their characters and I’m actually watching two friends struggling with the fact that they have murdered the other’s husband. If these two don’t win Emmys for their performances, I will riot.

Where We Left Off

In the season two finale, Jen confessed to Steve’s murder. She finally truly forgave Judy for killing her husband, and took responsibility for killing Judy’s fiance. After she couldn’t find the body, Detective Perez decided to let her go and pretend she never confessed. Very nice move on her part if you ask me. The happiness was short lived after a hiker’s dog eventually finds the body and the police are called. Elsewhere, Judy turns in the police chief for working with the Greek mob. Is that an actual thing? Can you let me know in the comments please. Lastly, Jen buys Charlie a car, because he’s finally grown out of his douche stage. Her good deed is punished however, when a drunk Ben hits the new car, with Jen and Judy inside, and then drives away.

Isn’t It Ironic

Dead To Me

Liz Feldman sure does love to level the playing field. She said so herself in an interview. In season one, Steve was involved in a hit and run, killing Jen’s husband. At the end of the season, Jen kills Steve, Judy’s fiance, essentially leveling the playing field. Now Ben commits a hit and run against Jen, yet again leveling the playing field. I think people in this show should just stop driving. Every issue seems to revolves around a car. Detective Perez, please take all their licenses away. Anyways, that’s all I have to say about the irony in Dead To Me.

Wrap Up

Due to COVID, it is unknown when production on season three can begin. My hope is sooner rather than later. I would like to wait less than two years for the new season. Also, while this show is ending, Liz has committed to a partnership with Netflix, so I am hoping for more shows like Dead To Me in the future. I hope season three is on par with its predecessors and does not disappoint. Let’s end on a high note shall we!

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