Modern Family Will Be Ending After Its 11th and Final Season

Creating a television show which resonates with everyone and makes people of every generation laugh is hard. Which is why saying goodbye to one is even harder.

It was announced late Tuesday morning that ABC fan favorite show Modern Family will be returning to the airways for its 11th and final season. This comes as bittersweet news for fans, including me, who were convinced the shows 10th season would be its last. Throughout its entire run so far, the show has remained consistently funny while also taking on the task of normalizing minorities in America and tackling some of the issues they faced. It dealt with a gay couple raising an little girl, a blended family and the troubles of a traditional family. While it has always been funny, viewership has been on a steady decline in recent years but the show has still managed to remain on ABC’s top five list in reference to the network’s scripted series. Many people attribute this decline in viewership to the rise in popularity of more edgy comedies released on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO. With these services not bound by the strict guidelines set forth by network television, the shows they produce are able to push the boundaries further, which viewers seem to be attracted to. When Modern Family began airing in 2009, these streaming services had not yet started to create their own content and there was less competition out there.

“For 10 years, our characters have bravely faced turning points in life and moved through them to great personal enrichment; we have chosen a different path by doing one more season of ‘Modern Family,’”

Said show creator Christopher Lloyd

Modern Family has been on my schedule since 2010 when I saw a random episode as it was airing and went back and watched the entire first season illegally online. One of my favorite episodes is called The Treehouse and is the seventh episode of the third season. When I first saw it, it had me laughing the whole time, so hard that I had to pause and rewind so I wouldn’t miss anything. The episode centers around matriarch Claire trying to help her daughter write her college entrance exam by dropping her off in the middle of nowhere, Cameron trying to prove he can successfully get a woman to give him her phone number despite him being gay, Gloria trying to get her much older husband to try salsa dancing and Phil trying to reclaim his youth by building a tree house. Not only was this episode extremely funny but it also gives great examples of who these characters are. Gloria is always trying to get her husband to connect with her Latin roots while her husband Jay just wants to stay home and change nothing. Claire is always teaching her children lessons through tough love due to her high strung nature. Phil is always trying to prove that although his age keeps going up, he will always be young. And Cameron is just always lacking some self awareness. Anytime I convince someone to watch an episode with me I always play them this one because it is just perfect.

Season 10 ended with a pregnant Hailey finding out she is expecting twins and deciding to continue living in her parent’s basement as she raises her babies. Her boyfriend and baby daddy, whom Claire despises, is also moving in, much to Claire’s dismay. I mean other stuff happened too but the biggest plot point of this season, and probably the next, was Hailey’s unexpected pregnancy. This was a really interesting twist that I for sure was not expecting. I’m really hoping we get to see Hailey as a mom for at least an episode or two before the season ends and that the last episode of the series is not her giving birth. I’m kind of sad that the show is ending, but I’m also not very surprised. Talks of the end have been going on since before the start of season 10 and the show has really been trying hard to get people to watch. They made such a big deal about a death coming up in season 10 only to kill of the most insignificant of characters, Claire and Mitchell’s mom, and then never mentioned it again. The show had a really great run, but their time had come and I’m happy the writers can give it the ending it deserves. I will miss Sophia Vergara’s outrageous accent, Julie Bowen’s and Ty Burrell’s banter, Ed O’Neil’s cynicism, Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s sarcasm and Eric Stonestreet’s comedy.

If you haven’t seen Modern Family yet please start watching it. You have about a year to catch up I’m guessing. In my opinion, it is pretty doable.

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