Lori Loughlin Indicted on Money Laundering Charges

Man, when it rains, it really does pour.

Lori Loughlin has now been hit with yet another indictment this morning with conspiring to commit fraud and money laundering in connection to the college admissions scandal. The press release, released Tuesday morning, states “the second superseding indictment also charges the defendants with conspiring to launder the bribes and other payments… of the fraud by funneling them through Singer’s purported charity… as well as transferring money into the United States, from outside the United States, for the purpose of promoting the fraud scheme.” I bet she’s really regretting her choices now, and is really wishing she had smarter kids so she wouldn’t have had to do all this in the first place. Loughlin and her husband are one of 16 parents who received the new indictments this morning. I’m not going to say I’m surprised by this new indictment, but I thought it would be for tax fraud. Since the ringleader of the whole scandal, William “Rick” Singer, was conducting business under a false charity, and a majority of these bribes were given as donations, I thought these parents would have written off these donations on their taxes, thus committing tax fraud. I mean they’re getting charged for all the other fraudulent stuff that went down in this whole scandal so at least there is that. Maybe tax fraud is next.

News of this superseding indictment comes just one day after it was announced that Felicity Huffman, the other actress involved in this scandal, and 13 other parents, had plead guilty to the mail fraud charges. Huffman released a lengthy statement after news of her plea agreement surfaced and expressed, what I considered, sincere remorse. Her statement, in part, read,

I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions… I am ashamed of the pain I have caused my daughter, my family, my friends, my colleagues and the educational community.

Felicity Huffman

After the release of her statement, she garnered the support of a lot of people in the online community. Like me, they appreciate the acceptance and acknowledgement of her guilt and her role in disadvantaging the already disadvantaged. I already wasn’t super angry at Felicity Huffman, because she always seemed to be more remorseful from the start and pleading guilty and accepting the consequences was the right thing to do, I think. Lori Loughlin on the other hand, and many on the internet will agree with me on this, has sort of given off the vibe of someone who doesn’t think they did anything wrong and thinks they will get away with it. She has been seen out and about with her daughters, smiling and was even signing autographs for her fans outside the courthouse. This is a huge contrast to Felicity Huffman who looked visibly upset, kept her head down and walked silently into the courtroom. Also, Loughlin gave a $500,000 bribe which to me is way worse than Huffman’s $15,000. Plus, Huffman only did it once, and decided not to do it for her younger daughter, showing remorse, whereas Loughlin did it for both her daughters, which shows she didn’t learn.

The details of Huffman’s plea agreement have not yet been sorted out or released and an arraignment date has not been scheduled regarding Loughlin’s new charges.

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