Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richard Have a Big Blow Up Fight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If I never hear the name Lucy or the words apple juice ever again, it’ll be too soon.

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been slightly underwhelming, considering the hype that preceded it. The only plot line, dubbed “puppy gate,” has been centered around a dog and the circumstances in which Dorit have said dog away. Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy somehow ended up in a kill shelter and Lisa Vanderpump was not happy about it when she found out. If you ask the other girls, this put Lisa on the path towards revenge, partnering with her employee John Blizzard, assuming that’s a real name, and fellow cast member Teddi Mellencamp to embarrass Dorit and ruin her reputation. Her alleged plan would have been a complete success had Lisa Rinna not gotten wind of the story and planted the seeds of betrayal in the head of Teddi. After a quick conversation with Rinna, Teddi felt guilty and used, Dorit felt betrayed, Kyle was confused and a perfectly good trip to the Bahamas was ruined by boring dog drama.

Lisa Vanderpump continues to deny conspiring to hurt Dorit, but at the end of last weeks episode a very incriminating article was published on radar online and the ladies thought Lisa planted it. Here is where I see a tiny glimmer of hope coming through because there is now something solid to fight about, and we all know Vanderpump does not like to be accused of things. By the way, can we all take a moment to appreciate Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards? Home girl has been waiting to take down Vanderpump since she joined the show and she definitely didn’t let her moment slip away. Denise has been kind of boring drama wise but she is hilarious.

The episode started with the ladies gathering at Teddi’s Soul Cycle esq charity event, where surprise surprise, the topic of conversation was Lisa Vanderpump and the radar online article. They continued to talk about the article for the first 35 minutes of the show. At this point I’m so over the dog drama and am patiently, not so patiently, waiting for the big Kyle and Lisa blowup of 2019. First of all, I could see it coming in the beginning when all the ladies were grilling Kyle about Vanderpump’s behavior, which I was not a fan of. I didn’t like that they were essentially making her pick sides between them and her friend of 10 years. I mean she’s shady but obviously Kyle knows it and was okay with it. You can tell she was really uncomfortable and I wasn’t here for that.

Now on to the fight of the century. As expected, Lisa Vanderpump did not take anything Kyle had to say well. Ken even got in on the action, which I love by the way. I live for a househusband who inserts himself in the drama. Joe Gorga and Ken Todd are repeat offenders of this and I love it. Anyways back to the fight. It took up the last six minutes of the episode and did not disappoint. It really felt like they were getting out 10 years worth of frustration under the guise of fighting about a dog. I mean it was really sad to see a friendship I have watched for eight seasons, one that has always made me laugh, breakup, but I think it had to happen. This was one of the few times I felt guilty while watching because it felt super personal. Vanderpump was being a little manipulative and I believe Teddi’s story and that Vanderpump was out to get Dorit. If only she was able to admit wrongdoing and apologize, all this could have been avoided.

I am not going to say yes I did something, if I didn’t do it. I am a women with integrity that stands up for what’s right…I’m done with you…bye Kyle, show yourself out darling.”

Said by Lisa Vanderpump.

Moral of the story, don’t be a Lisa. Admit when you’ve done something wrong and apologize to your friends. Don’t plot and scheme against them. It’s not very nice.

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