Let’s Talk About the Weekend

If you were hiding under a rock all weekend and woke up this Monday very confused, have no fear, Joyce is here and she will tel you what you missed during your weekend news cleanse. Well, at least what she considers important.

Let’s start off with the biggest event from this weekend… the Super Bowl. That had to be the most boring Super Bowl experience of my life. The Patriots won, great don’t really watch the game for the winner I watch for a good game, which is what you would expect from the SUPER BOWL. Instead we watched punt after punt and went on multiple emotional roller coasters each time something almost happened. I’m still waiting for the game to become super.

The halftime show was not anything to write home about either. Maroon 5 did their thing, I mean they sang their hits and sounded okay but they weren’t anything spectacular. Also front man Adam Lavine could have picked a different shirt, that shirt was hideous. I wish we could be taken back to the time where artists like Diana Ross, who ended her performance by flying away on a freaking helicopter, or Michael Jackson, who stood still for two solid minutes before starting his act building the suspense and then fully delivering, were the ones performing. The last time we got close to that was Katy Perry who gave us the gift of left shark. Don’t even get me started on the disappointing Spongebob tribute that didn’t happen. Who interrupts Bikini Bottoms rendition of Sweet Victory, for Travis Scott mumbling through Sicko Mode. Give the public what they want, or better yet, don’t advertise that you will and then don’t.

Something else happened over the weekend that I found very disappointing, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were spotted holding hands. Honestly, gag. I will forever be confused as to how Pete keeps getting these incredibly beautiful and successful women to go out with him. I don’t find him to be funny at all and actually find him to be quite obnoxious. I was hoping their rendezous after the Golden Globes in January would be a one time thing but I guess not. He just seems so immature to me and Kate being 45, it just feels weird and like not a good fit.

So Pete Davidson was engaged to the sexy & talented @ArianaGrande and is now dating the beyond stunning @KateBeckinsale? So I guess it’s clear that he shoots diamonds out of his penis?— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) February 3, 2019

I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way with New York Housewife, Bethenny Frankel tweeting about her confusion as well. Her tweet sparked a lot of backlash due to the fact that she mentioned Pete’s body parts. In the past jokes have been made about that before and Pete has expressed his discomfort surrounding that subject. I was not offended, nor was I surprised by this comment. I watch the New York housewives and this is 100 percent on brand with Frankel’s humor and personality. She says a lot of things for effect, but can also own her words. This time is no different. After all the backlash she tweeted “He is probably nice & funny & sensitive which women like. Cute and sweet. And the diamond D doesn’t hurt I reckon.” What a great non apology, bringing up the thing that got her in trouble in the first place. This is why Bethenny is the best housewife.

21 Savage made headlines this Sunday after news broke that he is facing possible deportation due to overstaying his visa. Savage is from Dominica, a commonwealth nation, belonging to the United Kingdom. The rapper, whose real name is Shayaabin Abraham-Joseph, is said to have entered the United States legally as a minor in 2005. A year later, his visa expired and he has been living in the U.S. illegally since then, according to ICE agents. They also say he is being held in a facility in Atlanta, Georgia and his case is waiting to be argued in front of a judge. Savage has previously been convicted of felony drug charges in Atlanta.

Twitter caused yet another celebrity to be on the receiving end of some major backlash this weekend along with Bethenny. Demi Lovato may have touched some nerves when she retweeted a funny meme showcasing a quill writing on parchment with the words “this is how 21 Savage be writing his raps” on the picture. I would share the tweet, but she received so much backlash over the tweet that she deleted her Twitter. She defended herself by saying it wasn’t a joke about deportation, but a joke about how the guy who claimed to be from Atlanta, and put on such a tough persona, was actually British. Her tweet caused people to start angry tweeting at her and making fun of her overdose last summer. Demi just celebrated six months of sobriety after nearly losing her life to a heroine overdose. I think joking about, or throwing someone’s near death experience is unfair and uncalled for and I’m sure people could have expressed their disappointment in her without mentioning her past addiction. No wonder she deleted her Twitter.

If you missed the best part of every Super Bowl, the commercials, don’t worry, it was mostly trailers for movies and TV shows. My personal favorites were the T Mobile ads, the Bud Light/ Game of Thrones ad and the Stella Artois ad. Watch all the ads here.

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