Jonas Brothers Release Two New Songs During Quarantine

The Jonas Brothers dropped two new songs last night and immediately brightened up every millennial girl’s time in quarantine.

Prior to today, I thought the best Jonas Brothers news I would hear this year was the news of their reunion. Proving that they are always full of pleasant surprises, they released two very different, but amazing songs. The songs are called “X” and “Five More Minutes.” Honestly the twelve year old me, hoped, but never expected, to still be in love with their music. Their new album is full of bops and these two songs did not disappoint. I may be biased because I have loved them for 12 years, but I think they’re great. My smile did not leave my face the whole time while listening to these two songs. I just hope nothing bad ever happens and they don’t fall out ever again!

X Featuring Karol G

I love this song! From the second I heard the first note, my dancing could not be controlled. The Latin influence really gives it a good touch and sets it apart from their other songs. I don’t think they have done anything like this in the past, and I’m glad they tried it because it sounded great. I’m also happy they didn’t try and sing in Spanish and butcher the language like other artist have in the past. They left the Spanish to Karol G who sounded really good and was the perfect addition to the song. I definitely liked this song better than “Five More Minutes,” but they were both good, just different.

Five More Minutes

While “X” is upbeat and definitely a dance tune, “Five More Minutes” is more stripped back and sultry. Fans are speculating that the song is about Nick and Priyanka’s relationship. Priyanka once said that early in their relationship Nick was persistent in getting together and also pretty irresistible. She tells the tale of being asked to meet at a bar, and despite nearly missing a flight, agrees to go, telling her publicist she just needs five more minutes. These people are so quick to connect the dots and it really amazes me. Knowing the meaning of the song makes me like it all the more. Although I am a Nick girl, they really seem happy together and as long as he is happy, I guess I’ll be okay.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

While Nick sings the song and it’s likely about Priyanka, that doesn’t mean the other Jonas Brothers can’t also enjoy it. Kevin says this song might be the trick to creating a new baby for his family. Him and his wife Danielle already have two girls, but I guess Kevin wants a third. I don’t think it’s just the Jonas family that’ll be expanding though. I have a feeling this song will be a huge contributing factor in the making of many quarantine babies. Not sure if that was the goal or not but if that’s what Kevin is using it for why can’t everyone else.

Anyways, let me know what you think of the new music and which one is your favorite. In the meantime, I’ll just be sitting here, waiting for other musicians to release new music and make my life more interesting during this quarantine

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