Joe Jonas Marries Sophie Turner in Surprise Vegas Wedding

Many hearts were broken last night as the last Jonas Brother got married, officially shattering every millennial girl’s dream of one day becoming Mrs. Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner have officially tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in Vegas. The wedding took place before the Billboard Music Awards, where the Joe performed with his brothers, and featured a lot of famous guests. Diplo acted as their videographer, live streaming the ceremony on his Instagram, country duo Dan + Shay performed their song “Speechless” as Turner walked down the aisle, Joe’s famous brothers and band-mates Nick and Kevin served as groomsmen and even Elvis got in on the action as the one who officiated the affair. This wedding has got to be one of the most laid back, yet coolest weddings I have seen from a celebrity in a while, a stark (pun intended) comparison to Nick Jonas’ never ending three day wedding to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. The longtime couple have been engaged since October 2017 and fans have been waiting for their wedding ever since.

I think this was such a cool move and made me love Sophie Turner even more than I already did. Based off of her Instagram and everything she posts she just seems like a really normal person, completely unaffected by fame, and the fact. I mean they exchanged ring pops as wedding bands so I love this. I was never a Joe girl growing up, the life-size poster of Nick hanging in my childhood bedroom made it very clear which bandmember I favored, so her marrying Joe has no negative impact on my life. Priyanka on the other hand better sleep with one eye open. Anyways, I’m a huge fan of this couple and I really hope they don’t succumb to the curse Hollywood casts upon couples and that they stay together. If not because they seem to be perfect for each other, than for the sake of keeping the J Sister squad on our feeds. They are complete squad goals and it would be a shame to break them up.

It was interesting to see the different people and the different weddings each Jonas Brother chose because if you think about it, the choices very much represented their personalities. Kevin was always the one thrown to the side. Fans loved him but he was the oldest one and didn’t seem as attainable then Nick and Joe did. He took the traditional route and married one of us normies moved to New Jersey and led a pretty normal life up until recently. Joe proved himself to be more of the alternative brother with his clothing choices and joining DNCE. His wedding was pretty celebrity but was super laid back and chill. Nick’s wedding was a massive ordeal. It took place in India with like 1,000 guests and three different ceremonies. The most EXTRA wedding I have ever heard of. Personally I think I would do this. I mean I know I’ll probably end up going the Kevin Jonas route but Joe and Sophie’s way doesn’t sound too bad. I will definitely not have a three day wedding though.

As much as I would have liked to see all her Game of Thrones costars there, this was cool too. Plus there is another ceremony rumored to take place this summer in France which sounds more traditional so there’s that. Anyways, all the best to Joe Jonas and Lady Jonas.

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