Jerry Harris Officially Arrested For Production Of Child Pornography

Jerry Harris, everyone’s favorite cast member from Netflix’s “Cheer,” officially arrested on charges of production of child pornography.

If 2020 takes one more thing I love away from me, I will seriously sink into a deep depression. This year has just been one shitstorm after another, and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. Seriously, the year started with Kobe’s death, then COVID forbids me from leaving my house, and now people I loved turn out to be criminals. We cannot catch a break this year. Jerry Harris was the best person on Cheer and seemed like a great guy. He persevered through so much, all with a smile on his face. It really sucks to learn he’s an alleged pedophile.

The Alleged Crime

According to a criminal complaint from Chicago, Jerry asked for and encouraged a 13 year old male to send him sexually explicit videos and photos. If found guilty, Jerry can face 15-30 years in prison. Fans were shocked to learn about Harri’s interview with law enforcement earlier this week, especially considering the nature of the crime. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Especially not from Jerry Harris. There isn’t much else known about what lies ahead for Jerry. Him and his team have not yet released a statement, however he denied all allegations earlier this week. He hasn’t released a statement but rumors have it, he admitted to soliciting images from 10-15 other, whom he knew were minors. That’s just gross.

This really sucks. Not only because another star fell from grace, it also sucks for Netflix. They seem to have a real struggle staying away from working (or catering to) pedophiles. I think they really need to do some restrategizing in their morning meetings. Heaven knows, their PR team is working hard right now. They lost a lot of subscribers when they chose to release “Cuties.” A movie, by the way, I am very against. I haven’t seen it, however I don’t think I have to to understand why it’s so wrong. I have no desire to see 11 year old girls be sexualized on screen. That is ridiculous.

Wrap Up

Just as that scandal finally began to blow over, we have another one. I really don’t know what to feel. It’s always sad when someone you like turns out to be the opposite of what you thought. I hope justice will be properly served in this case and the end result is fair. If he did in fact do this, he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

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