Jenelle Evans Lied About Husband Shooting Dog

Should I be surprised that a woman who chose a Ke$ha concert over a court date, which would potentially keep her out of jail, lied to police about the whereabouts of her dog?

Back in May of 2019, Jenelle Evens, made famous as a cast member of Teen Mom 2, made it public that her husband David Eason shot and killed the couples french bulldog, Nugget. He allegedly shot the dog after he pounced on and bit the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ensley on multiple occasions. The entire world flipped upside down and people were not only hating on David, but were also calling on Jenelle to pack up her things and get out of that relationship. When she did the exact opposite and seemed to stand up for him, all the hate was redirected towards her and her parenting, with people calling her a bad mom for keeping her young children in the same house as such a violent man. Who could shoot such a cute dog? Possibly a guy that should be considered somewhat dangerous.

It came out yesterday that Jenelle was potentially lying about the whole incident and is actually completely unaware of where her dog is. First she said she heard a gunshot and now she says there was no gunshot and that she heard nothing. The police are speculating and putting it out there that she came up with this whole story for publicity and is now backtracking because of all the negative consequences that followed. Now the question on everyone’s mind is was this a lie from the start, or is Jenelle just taking it back to get in everyone’s good graces again. She was never really anyone’s favorite person but she wasn’t this hated.

Here is what I think. I think her husband shot the dog and Jenelle made it public knowledge to get her name in the headlines again. I don’t know why she chose this scenario because it doesn’t make her or her husband look great but hey whatever. Then she immediately lost her job on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 and a few weeks later lost custody of her son Kaiser and daughter Ensley. Her son Jace has already been in the custody of his grandmother since he was a baby. She has since regained custody but is totally working on damage control and working to repair her image.

Anyways, tune back in next week when Junelle lies about the status of her cat. I’m sure that’ll be just as juicy of a story.

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