Hiding Under a Rock All Weekend, No Fear Your Weekend Update is Here

The weekend update is here for all of you who were too busy to keep up with all the latest news that happened over the weekend.


Meghan and Harry

The internet went wild after news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be taking a step back from their duties as senior royals. This plan includes moving from the U.K. to Canada and living a more self sufficient, financially independent lifestyle. The royal family, including the Queen and Harry’s brother Prince William, found out about the plan only ten minutes prior to the announcement to the public. They felt blindsided by this decision which only confirms the suspected rift between brothers. It’s really kind of sad.

People blame Meghan for this sudden decision, saying she married into the royal family to become a princess, realized she couldn’t handle it and then decided to quit. They are especially irritated because British taxpayers just spent millions upon millions of dollars on renovating their house in the U.K. and now they won’t even live there. Not to mention the added cost of security needed to keep them safe in Canada. I don’t really blame Meghan for this, though I could see how some would. I think Harry has always wanted to flee and he finally found a way to do it. I just don’t see how Meghan can go from Dutchess, back to being a C list actress in Canada. Seems like a step down on the resume if you ask me. For more information visit the New York Times.

Grey’s Anatomy Shake Up

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev

Potentially the saddest news in this weekend update is the announcement that Justin Chambers is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. After 16 years as Alex Karev, he announced that he is ready to move on to other projects. To top it all off, it was later announced that his last episode already aired on November 22. Had I known, I would have savored every moment of that episode and Alex Karev. I can’t say that I blame him for wanting to move on. Sixteen years in one acting role can get pretty mundane and could make anyone feel stuck. Especially an artist, which actors are.

I am so sad that he is leaving. While the show has not been as good as it was in the beginning for a long time, the friendship between Meredith and Alex is the best thing about that show. I am not ready to see the writers try and force a close bond with one of the newer characters which I cannot care less about. I think it’s time for this show to end so that it could end in a somewhat high note rather than fizzling like it has been for the past few seasons. I want a great season all the way through, not a lukewarm season with one or two standout episodes. Justin Chambers leaving will not help make this happen.

Critics Choice Awards

Critics Choice Awards Winners

The Critics Choice Awards were last night and is the last piece for this weeks weekend update. The big winners of the night included, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood for best picture, Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger for best lead actor and actress, Brad Pitt and Laura Dern for supporting roles and Roman Griffin Davis for best young actor. I don’t think I need to go into my disappointment that Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood keeps winning because I think I have done that enough. I was expecting the other winners, so no shocks there. I am over the moon that Roman Griffin Davis was acknowledged for his amazing work in Jojo Rabbit. Makes up for him not being nominated for an Oscar. Check out who was nominated in my Oscars predictions article!

There was a lot a great fashion last night. The one person everyone is talking about is Zendaya and her pink Tom Ford gown. Her jaw dropping look will go down in history as one of the most iconic dresses ever worn. Let’s be honest though, when has Zendaya worn anything that didn’t look amazing, and wasn’t iconic. People are also obsessing over Billy Porters pantsuit that looks like a dress. He has been rocking the feminine style and continues to promote a non binary way of dressing.

Anyways, those were all the big headlines of the weekend. I hope my weekend update helped you feel caught up!

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