Grammy Awards Recap

Music’s biggest night was last night and brought audiences some great performances and resulted in some big wins for a lot of artists. Let’s get into it.

Let me preface this entire post by saying that out of all the award shows out there, the Grammys are my least favorite. I watch every year, and every year I’m bored halfway through. Don’t get me wrong, the performances for the most part are great but I don’t really keep up with a lot of the newer artist and I don’t listen to the radio so after a while I lose interest. Every year i tell myself I can skip it live and just watch the performances everyone is talking about later on YouTube, but I always end up watching. This year was no different. Let’s start with the opening number shall we. Camilla Cabello sang “Havana” and was joined onstage by Ricky Martin and J. Balvin. I was not impressed. They all sounded good and their energy was up but in my opinion it wasn’t anything spectacular. It was just a performance of a song that the radio made me hate because it was overplayed. Camilla danced around in her pretty yellow dress and sounded great but I just wasn’t impressed. Told you I wasn’t a fan of the Grammys.

What did impress me however was that Dolly Parton tribute. Dolly Parton got on that stage and blew all the current artists in the building out of the water. She truly is my queen and I love her so much. One of the best parts of the tribute for me was seeing and hearing Dolly and Miley Cyrus sing together. My heart was soaring during that entire section. They sang “Jolene” as a duo and then were joined by Maren Morris to sing a cover of Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush.” Morris sounded great but Dolly and Miley’s voices together is pure gold. Seriously I’m obsessed and I need more of that in my life, possibly an entire collaborative album (I’m crossing my fingers for that one). I was disappointed with Miley’s and Shawn Mendes’ collaboration, mostly because they sang Shawn’s song “In my Blood,” which I hate, so I was happy she came up on stage again. The one thing that was off about that tribute was every line Katy Perry sang. Her and Kacey Musgraves were singing “Here You Come Again” and Katy Perry absolutely ruined every line she sang. I was literally yelling at her to go home the entire time. Stick to people who can actually sing next time.

Alesha Keys was the host last night and I would say she did a good job. She was calm the entire time and spoke in a voice so soothing, it could put me to sleep, in a good way. In one of the breaks between performances and the presentation of awards, Keys came out on stage playing two pianos at once. Girl literally blew my mind! While playing the two pianos she began to honor popular songs from the past and present by not only playing then but singing them as well. I knew she could sing beautifully, but the reminder was greatly appreciated. Overall I think Alicia Keys was a great choice for host and she did a good job.

Other notable performances included Cardi B who proved she really could put on a show and Lady Gaga who sang “Shallow” as if it were this generations new rock anthem. I love that song but I am so over Lady Gaga’s promotion of it. Can we also give a shoutout to Jennifer Lopez for waking me up during her tribute to Motown performance. I mean that was easily on of the best performances of the night. She sounded phenomenal and literally did not stop dancing. Brandi Carlyle singing “The Joke” resonates with me on so many levels and I’m such a fan of that song and her performance of it was flawless.

There were also some big winners, such as Cardi B and Kasey Musgraves. The full list of winners can be found here.

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