Golden Globes 2019 Recap

And the Golden Globe goes to…

Last night the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards was took place and left people with a lot to talk about. In order to talk about the awards show, you have to start at the very beginning with the opening monologue. This year the honor of hosting went to the surprisingly dynamic duo, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh. The formula for their monologue was pretty much the same as in years past, point out a nominated celebrity and roast them, however the co-hosts put their own hilarious spin on it. Both Samberg and Oh are known for being the nicest people in Hollywood so their style of roasting was saying really nice things about everyone in the room with a mean look on their face and a stern tone. They were honestly perfect together. My favorite part was when they were discussing the reactions of Asian mothers everywhere when they watched Crazy Rich Asians, the first movie with an all Asian cast in 25 years. Oh instructed the cameramen to pan to her mother as an example of all Asian mothers, and we were gifted with her mother, smiling and waving at the camera. The only awkward moment came when Sandra Oh suddenly got serious and started talking about women and minorities in film, but once we understood that she wasn’t kidding, we were all there for her message.

Now let’s get started with some of the big winners of the night. Winners included Rami Malek for Best Actor in a Drama, Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Dramatic Film, Glenn Close for Best Actress in a Drama, Christian Bale for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, Regina King for Best Supporting Actress, Sandra Oh for Best Actress in Television; Drama and Rachel Brosnahan for Best Actress in Television; Comedy. No one was more shocked than Glenn Close that Glenn Close won for her work in The Wife over Lady Gaga’s portrayal of Ally in A Star Is Born, (at least she won best song for Shallow). It is well known that I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga in that role, but I am so happy Glenn Close won, only because I was able to hear her speech. Sh spoke about the importance for women to find a purpose and a passion outside of being a wife and a mother. She gave the example of her own mother who in her 80s told Glenn, she felt as if she had accomplished nothing. In a world where being a trophy wife and the perfect mother is all society tells women they should strive to be, it was refreshing and inspiring to be given permission to choose something else. It was a beautiful speech and you could tell was completely genuine. It was weird for me to be cheering for a woman who once terrified me as Cruella De Vil. Regina King also gave an impassioned speech after winning for her work in If Beale Street Could Talk,  vowing to hire a crew that 50/50 men and women, and challenged other production companies to do the same.

Sandra Oh made history last night in a number of ways. As co-host, she became the first woman of Asian decent to host an award show, as a winner she became the first woman of Asian decent to win multiple Golden Globes, her first as a supporting actress as Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, and lastly she became the first actress of Asian decent to win in the lead actress category for television in 39 years. She won for her work on BBC America’s Killing Eve. Although I would have loved for Keri Russell to win or Julia Roberts, I was over the moon when Oh’s name was called. The cutest moment of the entire night was seeing the huge smile on her father’s face as he gave her a standing ovation. His face was beaming with pride. Look at Dr. Yang breaking barriers outside of the medical world. Seriously, the loss of Dr. Yang was much greater for me than the loss of Derek Shepard. I’m a huge fan and I’m very happy with her win.

My favorite moment of the night came when Carol Burnett was awarded the first ever Carol Burnett Award for Lifetime Achievement in Television. Let’s just say her speech was a lot better than Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient Jeff Bridges’ speech. I had no idea what was coming out of that guys mouth It was amazing to see a comedic legend be honored with her own award. Watching all the clips from her 45 year career in television and listening to her speech made me upset that I was born in a time when I won’t be able to witness her genius. She spoke about comedy and how hard it was for her to get her variety show on television and how she sometimes wishes she could do it again. It made me upset when she touched on the fact that what she was doing back then could never be replicated and that networks won’t take that chance today, to have 60 something costumes a week and a live orchestra for every show. It really made me appreciate the legends of the past and made me realize that classics are classics for a reason. If not for The Carol Burnett Show my generation may never have gotten The Amanda Show. As Carol Burnett said though, thank goodness for YouTube. I better get started, I have a lot of Carol Burnett to watch.

P.S. I loved Darren Criss’ reference to A Very Potter Musical. If you know, you know, but all I’ll say is that it was totally awesome.

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