Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 4 Recap

After last Sunday’s big Game of Thrones, episode featuring the death of the Night King, at the hands of Arya Stark (YASS QUEEN), fans were left wondering how show runners were going to top it in episode 4. Well, they did and they didn’t.

Episode four started with a funeral for all the thousands of Northerners, Dothraki, Unsullied and Wildlings that died fighting the White Walkers. It was quite a somber affair as each main character torched the bodies of the fallen that they were the closest to. It was followed by a sort of celebratory dinner party which kicked off the many surprise events and some expected story lines. Gendry shed his bastard title, Arya and Sansa were let in on a secret, a long awaited hookup featuring Brienne finally happened and two more beloved characters were lost. Although I definitely think the writing could be better, and the episode for sure felt rushed, I still enjoyed watching it. Not much happened but at the same time a lot happened. Some scenes felt as if they went on forever and contained such heavy dialogue that by the end of it I realized I zoned out for a solid five minutes, but didn’t really miss anything. That could also have more to do with the fact that I was super exhausted last night and less to do with the actual episode.

The scene that I loved and the scene that had me the most upset, both had to do with Brienne of Tarth. We finally saw Brienne hookup with Jaime Lannister, a pair I have shipped since season 2 when the characters first met. Their time together really solidified the start of Jaime’s positive character development and without that I don’t think Jaime would be the beloved character he is today. I was upset for Tormund, but I secretly never wanted them together. I was always on the Jaime and Brienne bandwagon. Brienne was so happy and in love but of course, this is Game of Thrones and no one can be happy. After hearing about Cersei’s epic ambush against Daeny and her armies, resulting in the death of her second dragon Rhegal, he left to apparently go help his sister. This breaks Brienne’s heart, leaving her crying in a robe in the middle of Winterfell after Jaime chose to leave despite her plea to stay with her. I have said for a few seasons now that Jaime is going to be the one to kill Cersei, so I think he isn’t going to Kings Landing to help Cersei, but to kill her. Breathe easy Brienne, your man will be back.

Note to self, do not tell Sansa anything you don’t want getting out. Sansa is informed about Jon’s true identity and after swearing not to tell a single soul, proceeds to tell Tyrion in the next scene. Apparently weeks were meant to have gone by between the two scenes, which has fans complaining that the episode was rushed because that was not clear. Personally, I think Sansa made the right choice in telling Tyrion. Daeny has been getting a little crazy and power hungry and needs to go away. As show runners said, Sansa was a student of Littlefinger and knew if she told Tyrion the news would travel and all the right people would find out. She knows, as the rest of us do, that Daeny will not be a great queen and Jon is the guy for the job and she did what she needed to do to make that happen.

Speaking of Daeny, she just suffered some major losses that have further angered her. An angry Daeny is never a good sign. Did she really think Cersei and Euron were just sitting on their asses waiting for her to fight the dead and would have no plans for her inevitable attack? That was one epic ambush Cersei planned really proving that if you want to come for her you better be ready. As previously mentioned Daeny lost a dragon, but she also lost her most trusted adviser and bestie, Missendei. She was cool and I’m sorry she died, but not because of Daeny, but because of Grey Worm. They were so cute together and his love for her was so strong. This death just makes me scared for all the main characters who are going to die in the next two episodes.

Anyways, check back next Monday for my thoughts on episode five of the final season.

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