Game of Thrones has Officially Ended

Game of Thrones has now surpassed How I Met Your Mother in my mind as the worst ending to a television show ever.

Usually when a show airs its series finale, I find myself sad and upset and not really sure what I’m going to do with my life on the nights this show is supposed to air. NOT WITH GAME OF THRONES! I walked away after the last episode feeling no emotions except disappointment towards what I just watched. The last episode on its own honestly wasn’t so bad, but as the last episode of a sucky season, it did nothing to redeem the show.

Tyrion finding, and then crying over, the dead bodies of his siblings was emotional but their deaths were so unsatisfying that it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Also his subsequent arrest and imprisonment was expected and really had no affect on me. The friends I chose to watch the final episode with referred to this season as a parody of what Game of Thrones used to be and I agree with that completely. I was ultimately happy with where each character ended up, except Arya, don’t get me started in Arya, however I think their story lines were very poorly executed and left me wanting more. I wanted Sansa on some kind of throne so making her Queen of the North was perfect, I never wanted Bran as anything but I guess it makes sense that he became the King of the Six Kingdoms, Arya’s ending was pointless and no one needed her to become Christopher Columbus and discover America.

The best scene of the show for me was when Jon killed Daeny, but even that was underwhelming for me. I hoped it would happen but after the disappointment that was season 8, I didn’t actually think it would. I’m happy Jon was the one to do it and not Arya and I think the only reason Jon finally realized he had to kill her, was when Tyrion mentioned the fact that his sisters are likely to be killed. Sansa and Arya would never have bent the knee which would have resulted in their deaths. The scene following her stabbing was pretty cool, with Drogon choosing to burn the throne and was able to recognize it as the true cause of Daeny’s death. Him trying to wake Daenerys up was the saddest thing on the planet. The rest of the episode was pretty trash. Lets just say, the plastic water bottle by Sam’s feet was not the biggest mistake made in the episode.

So that’s it, the biggest show of the decade has ended and honestly it’s fine. I’m going to go back to imagining that the show ended after season 6 when all the characters still acted like themselves.

P.S. Daenerys claiming she just liberated the men, women and children of King’s Landing from a tyrant after having just killed all the men, women and children of King’s Landing is comical.

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