Game of Thrones Episode 5 Recap

I never thought I would say I was disappointed and actually didn’t like a season, not an episode, a season of Game of Thrones, but here we are.

Last nights episode of Game of Thrones was by far the absolute worst I have ever watched and I am so dissatisfied with everything that happened. I am going to start with the thing I am most mad at, Cersei and Jaime’s deaths. Seriously this makes my blood boil and I don’t even want to think about it. Since season 5, when we heard that Cersei was to die by the hands of her brother, we have been waiting for the day where Jaime murders his sister. It has been a popular theory ever since and I really thought and hoped that when Jaime left Brienne sobbing in Winterfell that he was going to kill Cersei. I would not have cared if he died afterwards but at least give us that. Instead, all of his character development went out the window and he died trying to save her. I understand that Jaime said he wanted to die wrapped in the arms of his one true love but Cersei was prophesied to be killed by her brother. Ultimately what we got was Jaime betraying everyone and the shows biggest villain of 8 seasons die because a bunch of rocks fell on top of her. Not here for it.

Another thing which is driving me up the wall is Daenerys’ actions this entire episode. First of all, I do not understand why she didn’t just burn Euron’s fleet and all the scorpions along the walls of Kings Landing, the first time she faced them. Did she forget she was riding on top of a fire breathing dragon? Maybe she needed the death of Missandei to inspire her, but that death could have been prevented had she just used her dragon the first time. Also, can someone tell me why Drogon seems to be immune to thousands of spears flying at him? It took three spears to take Rhaegal down but not one spear was able to even graze Drogon? Another thing, why did Daenerys feel the need to burn the entire city down after they had clearly already surrendered? She has spent the entire run of the show proclaiming she is nothing like her father but ends up fulfilling his mission in life and burning them all. She has always had her moments where she acted out, but has always maintained that she will not harm innocents, including women and children, which is exactly what she did. I would understand if she had lost but she won and easily could have just killed Cersei and still have had a kingdom to rule over. It has been pointed out to me that her whole story line has been leading to her going crazy, but this seasons writing has been so bad to where it feels like it just happened in the blink of an eye. I guess like as she said early in the episode, she is okay with being feared. She truly is “The Mad Queen.”

One thing I am extremely upset about is the whole Azor Ahai prophecy. This prophecy comes from a battle between the White Walkers and the Children of the Forest before the events of the show. A man they called Azor Ahai led the army against the White Walkers carrying a flaming sword called Lightbringer, which got its power after he killed his wife Nissa Nissa by stabbing her in the heart with it. The new Azor Ahai was supposed to be the one to end the Long Night and kill the Night King, but will also have to kill his great love. Since Arya killed the Night King with a normal sword and didn’t really have to sacrifice a loved one for it, that prophecy kind of went out the window. I was hoping the show runners would have changed this from killing the Night King to killing Cersei, because for Jaime this would have been both a sacrifice and the killing of a true villain, but alas that didn’t happen either. Maybe Jon will kill Daenerys because at this point she’s pretty much public enemy number one and everyone hates her.

The list of stuff I liked is really short. Arya and the Hound together, Arya and the Hound separately and that one scene between Jaime and Tyrion. That’s really it. Anyways, hopefully the show runners remember what the show is about for the final episode and give the fans what they want, not what they think we want.

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