Free Britney Movement May Be More Legitimate Than We Thought

The Free Britney movement has been around for a while, but its members haven’t been able to get me on board…until now. There is way more to the story than I ever thought.

The Free Britney movement started in 2019 after she canceled her Vegas residency “Domination,” to focus on her sick father. It is important to note, her father is also her conservator, meaning he runs her life. After canceling her tour, Britney’s Instagram went dark and she wasn’t seen in public, which is strange. When she eventually did post, the caption was not in tune with what Britney usually posts. Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, who run a podcast called Britney’s Gram, noticed these changes, and spoke on them. During the midst of all this, Britney’s co conservator, Andrew Wallet, resigned, leaving Jamie Spears as her sole conservator.

Britney Spears

Anyways, since Britney stopped posting, and the pair usually talk about her Instagram, the two started guessing at what was going on in Britney’s world. They eventually get a call from an anonymous source telling them the Domination residency was canceled because Britney refused to take her prescribed medication, leading her father to pull the show and told everyone to “blame it on (his) illness.” Britney was then put in a mental health facility for a 30-day stay. As her conservator, her father had the right to do this. The Free Britney movement wants Britney free from her conservatorship and live as a free and independent person.

What Is A Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a fancy way to say an adult can’t make their own decisions. They live under the watchful eye of a legal guardian who makes all their major life decisions. This guardian is appointed by a judge, and is supposes to act in the best interest of the conservatee. They manage financial affairs, health care and living arrangements. Most of the time, a conservator is needed to help the elderly or people with mental or physical limitations.

Britney has been under a conservatorship since 2007. Her mental breakdown that year could have led to more sever consequences, but when her father became her guardian, things settled down. I think this is why I had such a hard time believing she is unhappy with the situation. From what I saw, it was helping her more than harming her. I could not get on board with the movement in 2019. A recent Instagram post helped me see that I wasn’t paying attention to the details. There is more to the story, and the more I find out, the more I agree.

Why I Changed My Mind

To understand why the conservatorship is so tragic, we need to go back to the start of Britney’s career. As one Instagram user points out, many of her songs are cries for help about her controlled lifestyle. Don’t believe me? Listen to Lucky, Overprotected, My Prerogative and Piece of Me to name a few. Since the start of her career she has had no autonomy. Her record label even forbade her from singing in her natural deep voice. She has spent her whole life being chased down by paparazzi, especially after her 2007 breakdown, which is when she was placed under conservatorship.

Britney on X Factor

I didn’t know the timeline of events, but she was working only a couple of months after being declared mentally unstable. Almost right away she was doing guest appearances on TV, recorded and released Womanizer and went on a world tour. If she is so mentally unstable how is she allowed to be doing all this. After the one year temporary conservatorship finished, her father claimed she has early onset Dementia and has had control of Britney as her conservator, for the past twelve years. In these 12 years she has released four albums, done three world tours, a four year Vegas residency, released perfumes and lingerie and was an X Factor judge. Doesn’t sound like Dementia to me.

Big Factors

Once I found out what she is not allowed to do under her conservatorship, I immediately jumped onto the Free Britney bandwagon. I think, if you aren’t crazy, you will go crazy, living under all these rules. She cannot drive, vote, get married, spend her money or see how it is being spent, have control over her career, see her kids, hire a lawyer, use a cellphone or go to Starbucks. Can you imagine living under these conditions as a 38-year-old woman. Not only did she not have control over her life as a teen, she doesn’t even have it as an adult. It made it worse for me when I find out she pays her father for his position. That’s really sketchy if you ask me.

I definitely think her team, and her father, are using her to make money. I doubt she enjoys performing anymore, and is just forced to do so by those legally in charge of her. She even told a judge she was held in a mental health facility for three months by her father against her will. I mean that’s coming straight from the horses mouth. Her mom also liked posts a number of tweets and commented she agrees Britney is controlled and manipulated and is trapped by her father. You can’t get closer than her mother. If she is concerned, I don’t think we are wrong to be.

Wrap Up

There is a court date sometime this month which will decide whether or not the conservatorship is abusive. I personally hope they rule in favor of Britney. A 38-year-old woman should be able to go to Starbucks whenever she wants and have a say in whether or not she wants to perform. I hope this article helped clear up any confusion surrounding the Free Britney movement.

What do you think about the conservatorship? Should Britney be freed from it, or does it benefit her? Let me know in the comments!

For more information on the start of the movement click here and here for what is currently happening.

9 thoughts on “Free Britney Movement May Be More Legitimate Than We Thought”

  1. I think there is definitely truth to this story and completely believable. Here’s a couple of questions that come to mind: how does her boyfriend fit into all of this? Or is he even her boyfriend at all or just someone being paid for publicity?? If she can’t use her phone, why in God’s name
    Is her IG account all over the place and all of those terrible selfies?? Would someone really post those or approve her to post those if they wanted this “free Britney” movement to stay under the radar?? Where is her mom and sister in all of this? Her kids?? This is all just so incredibly sad in general and I’m sure 20 years from now when she’s hopefully retired and out of public eye, she can tell her story in her own words without her father’s control.

    1. I think she can’t use her phone in terms of calling people. I’m not sure how that works though. Regarding her mom, since her parents are divorced and Lynn is not named in the conservatorship, she has no control. She is petitioning to be involved though. I agree, I hope she gets out of it soon!

  2. This may have been set up during an extremely rough time for her safety and well being. Now, it’s just a money making, controlling scheme that benefits these horrible people. I think it should be lifted now. It’s just ridiculous. This woman is 38 years old, a successful artist, and a mother. How they’re treating her can make a person go insane. It’s wrong. It lasted way too long. It needs to go away for good. Free Britney now.

    1. I agree. It served its purpose and should have been eradicated after the initial temporary conservatorship had run its course. I hope the ruling goes her way later this month.

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