Emmy Night Recap

At least I was right about one thing… THE MARVOLOUS MRS. MAISEL WON EVERYTHING!

My heart was and still is just about bursting with happiness every time the show won something. I was a little bummed out that my absolute favorite character from that show lost in his category, but the sting of it was lessened by the fact that Henry Winkler won! I almost cried watching him run up to the stage to accept his Emmy and I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been awarded one before. Nothing but love for the Fonz even though Abe lost out.  Can we talk about Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein! I was literally jumping for joy when they were announced as the winners. I didn’t care about anything that happened for the whole rest of the show because I was already on cloud 9. Many are calling Brosnahan the new Julia Louis Dryfus and I am so here for that. As I predicted The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel swept the comedy category and I could not be happier. It’s a good thing Maisel did so well because that’s where my streak ended. I was wrong about just about everything else.

I would like to say all my comedy predictions were correct but Donald Glover did not win. The major shock of the entire night was Bill Hader’s win over Glover’s. I don’t really have an opinion on who should have won because I haven’t seen either one of their shows, but I was still surprised by Hader’s win. I have never heard of the show Hader won for but Atlanta has been talked about by everyone. Another thing I was completely shocked by was that Darren Chris actually won. My prediction that he would win was solely based on the fact that I had not watched the other limited series nominees, and he actually won! That made me feel oddly proud of myself.

The drama category was also full of many happy surprises. Once again I was wrong in my predictions. I thought The Handmaid’s Tale was going to sweep the category, but it ended up winning zero awards. Game of Thrones proved once again that they are ultimately the best show on television and had they been eligible for an Emmy last year, they probably would have won. I was pleasantly surprised by this because although I love Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones is on the top of my list (I know, I’m a nerd). Nothing shocked me as much as Claire Foy winning though. I wanted it to happen, I hoped it would happen, I prayed for it to happen and it actually happened! It was her last year in that role and there was no better way to end that journey than with a win. There aren’t enough good things I can say about the show and her performance in it and she completely deserved her win. Elizabeth Moss really thought she was getting it though cause that dress, hair and makeup was the best she had ever looked. She dressed to win but what can you do. Hopefully Keri Russell will find a really good show and win an Emmy for that in the future cause she’s not getting one for The Americans. At least on Emmy is going into that household. It’s her husband’s but she can still look at it.

None of this is important though. The best thing that happened at the awards was Glenn Weiss’ marriage proposal to his girlfriend of 10 years, Jan Svendsen. The complete shock and happiness on her face made the whole awards show worth watching because the hosts quite frankly were not that great. Their jokes just were not landing for me. Anyways, this was my Emmy Awards night recap, shocking wins and all.

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