Ellen DeGeneres to End Talk Show After 19th Season

Ellen DeGeneres to end her talk show after the upcoming 19th season. It comes as no surprise as her image took a nose dive last year with rumors that she’s a monster.

Ellen DeGeneres announced her popular talk show will end in 2022 after its 19th season. It truly is the end of an era, and one that I never thought would actually come. Ellen has been on my screen since I was seven years old. Although I don’t really watch her show anymore, because she turned out to be a horrible person, I always thought I would one day find my way back to it. Once all this blows over and I could look at her without thinking about what a bitch she is. I guess I have one more year to get over everything I learned about her.

According to her statement, she has been thinking about leaving the show since 2018. I remember rumors swirling around at that time that the show was ending, and feeling so devastated. Soon after though, she announced that she signed up for three more seasons. I guess these past three years have been a miserable time, because this time she’s gone through with actually ending the show. She says it is because she isn’t being challenged as a comedian anymore, but I think we all know what the real reason is.

This season is averaging the lowest ratings Ellen has seen in a while. People tuned in to watch her apology in the premier, but decided that was enough of Ellen. According to the New York Times, Ellen has lost more than a million viewers since the premier. This drop in viewership, kicks Ellen out of the big leagues where Kelly and Ryan and Dr. Phil live and brought her down to Maury Povich and Rachel Ray status. I mean, let’s be real. This is embarrassing for someone like Ellen, who clearly thinks she’s the greatest gift to humanity.

What Does Porita Think?

Ellen’s wife Portia is fully behind her in this decision to end the show. Due to Ellen’s big creative comedic mind, Portia thinks there are still so many things she can tackle. She doesn’t think this talk show is the only outlet for Ellen’s creativity. Seems like Ellen just copy pasted her wives words, considering Portia said this in 2018. It’s fine though. It’s been clear for a while now that Ellen is checked out. Every other episode features a different surprise replacement host. What confuses me is why Ellen would agree to do three more seasons if she actually hates doing the show this much. My guess is the studio gave her a really good offer.

What do you think about Ellen ending The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Did you even watch it? Let me know in the comments!

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