Image of Dorit Kemsley who was robbed.

Dorit Kemsley Robbed At Gunpoint In Her Encino Home

Dorit Kemsley robbed at gunpoint by three men while home alone with her two young children at her home in Encino on Wednesday night.

According to The Daily Mail, who broke the story, Dorit Kemsley was home alone Wednesday when intruders broke in. She reportedly was asleep when they broke in by smashing a window, and woke up to find two men standing at the foot of her bed. One of the men was holding a gun and threatening to kill her. Dorit plead with her robbers not to harm her children, and begged them to let her live. She reminded them that she’s a mother and begged them not to kill her. After Dorit said all this, one of the men reportedly instructed the others to kill her.

Dorit Kemsley with her kids and her husband.
Dorit Kemsley with her kids and her husband.

After deciding to spare her life, the intruders spent 20 minutes ransacking her home. In the end they left with all of Dorit’s jewelry and handbags. Of course the material items taken are nothing compared to the piece of mind they took from her. Once they left, Dorit called the police and her husband Paul “P.K.” Kemsley, who is currently in London. Police arrived on the scene and are still investigating the incident. There are no suspects as of now, and much of the reporting remains unconfirmed. Production on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has already begun, but it isn’t clear whether or not Dorit will participate in scheduled filming after what she just went through.

The most important thing to note here is that neither Dorit or her children, son Jagger (7) and daughter Phoenix (5) were hurt in all of this. It will take time for Dorit to heal from the trauma, but she is a strong woman and can do it. We send her positive thoughts and vibes.

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