Dorinda Medley Announces Departure From Real Housewives of New York

Dorinda Medley announced her departure from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City via Instagram on Tuesday, August 25, effectively breaking the hearts of everyone who watches.

Dorinda joined the show in its 7th season, and boy has she left her mark. She quickly became a fan favorite and fans will be sad to see her go. Her announcement came as a shock initially, but the more I think about it, the less shocked I become. Dorinda, while she did bring the drama, disappointed me this season. She has no problem dishing it out, but then has a complete inability to take in any criticism. I honestly can’t stand to be around people like that. She has said a few times though that she was going through a lot behind the scenes that we didn’t see. Her breakup, apartment renovation and Bluestone Manor flood are a few examples. Still, I think she could have been nicer this season.

Although this season is not her best, Dorinda has been the source of so many iconic moments. She truly is a housewife, who will never be forgotten. Her drunken antics, amazing comebacks and her ability to not give a single F will be missed. I personally never was a hardcore Dorinda stan, but I can appreciate what she brought to the table. This season definitely needed someone to take over after Bethenny left and I think Leah and her really stepped up. Anyways, here are a few of Dorinda’s best moments to remember her by.

I Decorated, I Cooked, I Made It Nice!

Dorinda’s debut to the housewives gave us this iconic quote. It’s right up there with Tamra’s Jesus Jugs for me. Who wouldn’t react this way when their so called friends ruin their birthday trip by calling each other whores the whole time. All she wanted was a fun weekend and what she got was a weekend full of arguments. Following this by momentarily kicking everyone out resulted in pure gold. If we learned one thing from Dorinda’s six seasons on the Housewives, is that she always makes it nice!

Clip! Clip! Clip!

Ever since this episode aired, this is how I end conversations. If we needed anymore proof that this woman is a gangster, she gave it to us in this scene. First off, she shows up to a Brooklyn pizza joint drunk, which I stan. Second, she has pink hair. Third, she is standing up for herself. She is not about to let Sonya accuse her of stepping on Bethenny’s toes and trying to start Tipsy Girl. We know how well that went for Sonya. Dorinda was not about to let Sonya drag her down into Bethenny’s wrath with her.

I’ll Tell You How I’m Doing, Not Well Bitch!

Thank you for teaching us how to react when we find out someone has been talking about us behind our backs all summer. Dorinda started the season off with a bang. Although she called an innocent woman a bitch, we can forgive her for just for this perfect moment. After an argument with Sonya, Dorinda then chooses to go off on this random woman. After just delivering a golden insult to Sonya, she turns around and says this. Can you say queen? She had me on the floor with this statement, and I will forever be quoting this.

Every Berkshires Episode Ever!

If there is one thing we can thank Dorinda for, it has to be the Berkshires. For some reason, the ladies feel free to speak any thought which may pop into their head. So many iconic moments have come out of that house, it’s almost impossible to believe. I’m even more upset by the fact that there won’t be anymore fights about who has to sleep in the fish room. Can I sleep in the fish room? The Instagram posts, showing us what goes on behind the scenes, will also be missed. Those are almost better than what they show on TV.

Multiple Drunken Speeches

My favorite part of every season, is when Dorinda gets drunk and decides to give a speech. This season, she dragged Ramona hard. Although she claims she wasn’t drunk, I don’t know what to believe. It was still amazing. Last season, she kept interrupting Ramona’s speech about stopping human trafficking. This one was a little too cringey, but I loved it anyways. A few seasons ago, she gave my all time favorite speech though. Her unintelligible speech at Luann’s engagement party to Tom, will forever be my favorite. Her followup speech, though we could understand it, was not any better.

Final Farewell

I will miss everything Dorinda brought to the show. Her leaving, is making me really nervous for the future of this show. Although I know the cast needs a shakeup, I’m scared the wrong people are going to leave. If the next person to announce their departure isn’t Ramona, I will stop watching. I understand she makes good TV but she is a horrible human being. Luann sucked last season, but I’m loving her now. I really just don’t like Ramona. Season 12 of RHONY is currently airing Thursday nights on Bravo, if you want to catch what remains of Dorinda’s final season.

Will you miss Dorinda? Let me know in the comments!

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