Disney Released First Trailer for Live Action ‘Mulan’

Who is that girl I see, starring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?

Disney released its first trailer for their newest live action remake, “Mulan,” and let me tell you I am so excited for it. Possibly the most excited I have been for a live action remake of my favorite childhood movies. The trailer was visually beautiful, I mean what else was I expecting from Disney though, visually beautiful is their forte. I’m hoping this remake doesn’t suffer from the same pitfalls as the others have including, “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin” and most recently “The Lion King.” While these movies were great stand alone films, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty bored. I haven’t seen “The Lion King” yet, mainly because it isn’t out yet, but the critics reviews pretty much say what I’m saying. We aren’t getting anything new and the filmmakers are relying on the nostalgia of the songs and the characters to make the movie successful. If I wanted to watch “Aladdin” I would just watch the animated one. There are a few reasons why I think “Mulan” won’t suffer the same fate though.

The new Mulan, for one, is not a musical. The songs from the original are some of my favorites but I usually don’t like the new updated versions of these songs in the remakes so I’m actually happy there will be no music in this movie. The trailer featured instrumental versions of these classics in the background while everything was going on and I think that’s enough. Without the music, the filmmakers really have to go in on the story and the dialogue and make it great. Another thing this movie has on its side is that they changed a lot of stuff to make the story more historically accurate. Mulan was a real person in China, and while the comedic moments of the first film made for a great children’s movie, Mulan’s life was not actually all that fun and it will be interesting to see this take on it. The same movie with the same general plot, just a few minor differences so it doesn’t come off quite as stale as the others have. While this means there is no Mushu or Cricket, I’m sure the movie will still be amazing.

Anyways, there is still a long time and many more trailers to be released before the movie actually hits theaters so we shall see later what the end result looks like.

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