Did Alex Rodriguez Cheat on Jennifer Lopez with a Reality Star

Alex Rodriguez is in hot water with the fans after cheating accusations came to light during a “Southern Charm” reunion episode.

Let’s just dive right into this one. On January 28, “Southern Charm” cast member Madison LeCroy was accused of cheating on her boyfriend with an engaged ex MLB star. The accuser, her co-star Craig Conover, also claimed the MLB star is based in Miami. It didn’t take long for fans to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and jump to Alex Rodriguez as the cheater. Alex is famously engaged to singer Jennifer Lopez. You usually have to take what these people say with a grain of salt, however there is a reason this is easy to believe. There was a whole saga with her, Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari and of course Craig.

The Accusations

Madison is accused of engaging in a sexual affair with an ex MLB player. Craig claims Madison was so thirsty, she flew all the way to Miami to meet up with her man. While his name isn’t mentioned, we all know Arod lives in Miami. Also, the Super Bowl was in Miami in 2020, and we know Arod was there, cheering on his woman as she slayed that halftime show. Anyways, at the reunion, Madison denied any kind of an affair.

With every allegation that came her way, Madison deflected and acted completely shocked. It was truly a great performance. I’m sure she didn’t think people would actually believe Craig, and do their own digging. Is she new to the reality TV world? Especially in the Bravo sphere, you have to know people are going to do some detective work. She basically begs for a polygraph in an effort to clear her name. This girl is made to be on reality TV. Oh the dramatics.

Oh How the Stories Changed

This act of innocence didn’t last very long. After a little push from Andy, she breaks down her walls and admits to the affair. Well she only kind of admits to an affair. She admitted to having conversations with Alex Rodriguez in her DMs and nothing more. She remains adamant that they never had a physical relationship, and she never flew to Miami. This admission just wasn’t enough for her castmates.

The boyfriend she was allegedly cheating on, chimes in claiming Arod and Madison constantly FaceTime together. She denies it, however another co-star Danni Baird seemed to confirm this in an interview. Danni claims she found out months ago that she was FaceTiming someone, but she didn’t know it was Arod. After all this came out, Madison finally admits, they have in fact talked on the phone, but continues to say they never met up in person.

What to do if you’re JLo

When JLo and Arod got together, the entire world was happy for them. More so for Jlo, let’s be honest. She finally found a man who seemed like he could sit back and be happy for all her major successes. Looks like we were all wrong. Early 2020 was truly Jlo’s time to shine. Not only did she perform her ass off at the Super Bowl, she also had a huge role in the movie Hustlers. Homegirl was really busy for a while there.

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 21: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attend Jennifer Lopez’s MTV VMA’s Vanguard Award Celebration at Beauty

It’s definitely not easy to see your girlfriend getting all this positive attention and achieving so much. Meanwhile the only press coverage you get is for being Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend. It shouldn’t be this way, but sadly it is. I don’t have to stretch my imagination too far to believe Arod started feeling a type of way about his woman getting all this attention. Madison says he is the one that slid into her DMs and I can sort of believe it. Well what does Jlo now do with all this information?

The Great Debate

We are witnessing a modern day “we were on a break” moment. It’s not exactly the same because said break never happened, but the question there is still the same. Is this actually cheating? Did Alex Rodriguez cheat on Jennifer Lopez. In my opinion, while there was no physical relationship, so she says, there seems to have been an emotional one.

It’s all about context. I’m assuming they weren’t just talking about the weather, but if they were, that’s not an affair. However, if he was telling her things he wasn’t telling Jlo, if they were exchanging explicit pictures and if the conversations took an inappropriate turn, that is a different story. We will never know what actually went down between these two, but if you ask me, an affair definitely took place. Emotional or physical, it happened.

What do you think about this scandal? Do you think this is cheating, or are they just friends? Let me know in the comments!

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