Demi Lovato Releases New Break Up Anthem After Max Ehrich Split

Demi Lovato releases new break up anthem, “Still Have Me,” six days after her very public, and really ugly split with fiancé Max Ehlrich. Everyone who needs a good cry should take a listen.

Demi and Max ended things on a whole six days ago, on September 24. That’s when the public found out about it anyways. According to Max, that’s when he found out about it too. I personally find this really hard to believe. You can’t be a douche throughout the whole relationship and then act surprised when the inevitable breakup finally happens. It’s not a genuine look dude. Anyways, this Max guy has been all over the press talking nothing but trash about Demi. She’s not the one who couldn’t stop tweeting about his former best friend. Not sure what he has to complain about here. I’m not even going to give his comments the tie of day. Demi Lovato spoke out in the only way she knew how this morning…through song. “Still Have Me” dropped this morning, and truly tugs at the heartstrings.

Decoding The Lyrics

There is no question whatsoever who this song is about. You would have to live under a rock not to know who this song is about. Although this song is about a lost love, I love the underlying message behind it. Knowing Demi’s story, it’s nice seeing her acknowledge that she doesn’t need a man in her life to be whole. He has taken everything from her, but she has herself and that is all she needs. Altogether, this is really a depressing song. It’s clear, Demi is in a lot of pain and is struggling with this breakup. I’m glad she has recognized her self worth though.

Demi Lovato

This woman is just coming off an almost fatal overdose. It’s clear she has not always valued herself and recognized she is enough. We’re talking about someone who has overcome an eating disorder, issues with self harm, previous battles with addiction and the complete torture that comes with being a Disney actress. I can’t believe we ever wanted that career. No one has come out of that experience sans scandal. Except for maybe Zendaya and Hilary Duff. It’s great to hear her finally accepting herself, even though it came at such a heartbreaking cost. I hope she finds the love she deserves as soon as possible.

Have you heard Demi’s new song? What do you think about her breakup? Let me know in the comments!

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