David Dobrik is Feeling the Heat After Allegations of Assault Surface

David Dobrik is in hot water after former friends accuse him and members of his famous “Vlog Squad” of sexual assault. I mean we all saw that video right?

David Dobrik and his “Vlog Squad” have a lot of explaining to do. Trisha Paytas released a video calling David out on all his poor behavior which continues to be ignored. She claims that while she was around, David and the rest of them constantly brought underage girls around. They would make derogatory jokes about fellow YouTuber Tana, and also go to bars to test who could sleep with the most women. Trisha says, no one say anything wrong with Vlog Squad member Brandon dating an underage girl. This is when she knew she had to get out. Oh, this isn’t even the worst of it.

Prank on Seth

Former Vlog Squad member, Seth Francois, recently spoke out about his experiences with David. According to him, David would constantly put him in situations in which he felt uncomfortable. Despite this discomfort, Seth felt he couldn’t speak up, in fear of being expelled from the squad. What pushed him over the edge however, was one disgusting prank in particular. In the video, Seth is blindfolded and told he is going to make out with Squad member Corinna. In reality, Seth made out with a grown man, Jason Nash.

The video has now been viewed over 10 million times. At first, Francois didn’t know how he felt about it, but after sitting with it for a while, he broke down and called a sexual assault hotline. He claims, when he went to David and Jason with his feelings, instead of hearing him out, they offered him money to keep the video up. He declined, and the video stayed up. Seth says David and Jason don’t understand what they did wrong. He says this is dangerous because they may do it to someone else, or worse, already have. He says he hopes him speaking out will give strength to others and help them speak out as well.

An Accuser Comes Forward

Well it seems like Seth’s bravery has in fact paid off. Business Insider spoke with a woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, about her experiences with the Squad. She claims David, and fellow Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis filmed her having a sexual experience with Dominykas. She goes on to explain, she was way too drunk at the time to give any form of consent. A video entitled “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!,” from that night was uploaded a few days later.

If David did anything right in this scenario it was taking that video down at this woman’s request. In light of the accusations, David’s attorney said the entire squad gives consent before videos are posted, and if consent is withdrawn, the video is removed. This is a stark contrast to the story Seth tells. I’m sure Seth wants that video taken down, but he was offered money to let it stay up. Not sure I believe David’s attorney on this one.

David’s Apology

After all the allegations David released an apology in a video entitled “Let’s Talk.” He reiterated what his lawyer said about consent, which we already know I don’t buy. He also claims there are some videos he looks back on with regret, claiming those videos no longer reflect who he is. To that I say, if you are not that person anymore, why not take those videos down? Chances are, they aren’t very funny to begin with. In reference to the situation with Dominykas, he claims he no longer films with him because he doesn’t align with his actions.

Again, I find this really hard to believe. It seems to me like David is the one who tells these people what to do and they follow along. The Vlog Squad is really just David and his minions. They are the puppets and he is the master. I wonder where Josh Peck falls in all this mess. He has been awfully quiet in all this mess considering he is friends with all these people.

Sometimes an Apology is Not Enough

Like we learned as children, an apology doesn’t always make things better. David Dobrik sure had to learn this the hard way. After these allegations surfaced, his highly anticipated app Dispo tanked. All the reviews were about the allegations against him. Several brands also announced they are severing ties with the famous YouTuber. DoorDash, HelloFresh, EA Sports, Dollar Shave Club and SeatGeek all announced the end of their collaborations with David over the past week. Things are not looking too good for him right now.

What do you think about these allegations? Were you ever a fan of David Dobrik?

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