Cassie Rudolph Files Restraining Order Against Ex Colton Underwood

Cassie Rudolph of Bachelor Nation, files a restraining order against ex Colton Underwood four months after confirmation of their breakup.

Cassie Rudolph and Colton Underwood met on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. The two lived happily ever after…until May 2020 that is. At first, it seemed as if the breakup was amicable and the two just realized they didn’t actually like each other all that much. That tends to happen when the relationship starts on a reality competition show. I mean, how many couples from any of these bachelor shows are still together? You can count them on one hand. Just one reason why I refuse to watch this show. It is not about finding love, and was never about finding love. It’s about getting your 15 minutes of fame.

Anyways, we soon found out, the breakup maybe was not so amicable as we initially thought. Cassie accuses Colton of trying to monetize their breakup, because he’s going to include it in his book. Sidebar, who would buy a book written by a former bachelor contestant? I just feel like he would not have anything of substance to say. He’s trying to stretch his 15 minutes to 25. Moving on, they than pulled the most middle school move by unfollowing each other on social media. This is a definite sign things are definitely not as they seemed.

According to court documents, Cassie Rudolph filed for a restraining order on the morning of September 11. We don’t know what exactly happened to cause her to feel like this was a step she needed to take. Colton has yet to release a statement, which doesn’t really mean anything. He either doesn’t want to say anything that’ll make him look insensitive, or he actually did something and is scrambling to put a good spin on things. Or he really doesn’t care and is excited to have another story he can add to his book.


In conclusion, this is why I hate The Bachelor and why no one will every convince me to watch it. It is such a complete joke at this point. As a reality TV junkie, this is where I draw the line. Everything I see on screen is nowhere near believable and you can just tell how produced everything is. I prefer getting my reality fill with the housewives. Of course I know the producers are definitely in on the action, however they are definitely more subtle about it. Also, I love me some shady Bravo editing. I hope these two can figure it out though, and resolve whatever issue let to the restraining order.

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