Bethenny Frankel Leaving Real Housewives of New York

Bravo fans everywhere (including myself) are mourning the loss of an icon and a legend.

Bethenny Frankel has announced that she will not be returning to The Real Housewives of New York’s 12th season. Bethenny was an original cast member in season one way back in 2008, when Skinny Girl was nothing but a goal Frankel hoped to achieve. She stayed on for three seasons and then after a three season hiatus she returned as a full fledged millionaire business woman who still had her biting wit and sarcasm. Frankel consistently tops every list ever made ranking the Housewives past and present from every franchise, so the news of her departure is not one anyone wanted to hear. Especially me. She is my favorite housewife ever and seems to be the only person who can think logically and says what everyone is thinking, making her great to watch. In her statement, Frankel said she’s leaving the show in order to focus on her daughter and philanthropic work.With many of the other housewife franchises starting to lack when it comes to the drama department *cough cough, Beverly Hills and Orange County, cough cough* I have put all my eggs in the New York basket. Along with Below Deck it is the best show on Bravo, and by far the best of the housewife franchises. My fear is that without Bethenny, the voice of reason in my opinion, the show will decrease in quality. Ramona is great but without someone to call her out on her delusions she’s just annoying. Luann is unbearable to begin without Bethenny there to drag her back down from space, she’ll be even more insufferable. Sonja, Dorinda and Tinsley are fine but they are going to need the nonjudgmental Bethenny around to turn to. I guess they can turn to each other though. The whole chemistry of the show and the equation that has made it perfect until this point is being disturbed and it scares me.

Anyways, season 12 is a long ways away so we have to wait a while to see how the show fairs without it’s queen. If it ends up great then we worried for not but if my worst fears are realized, I guess I’ll always have the reruns.

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