Best Moments and Big Winners From Last Night’s 2021 Oscars

The 93rd Academy Awards pretty much went the way everyone thought it would… up until the very end. What were the biggest moments from the 2021 Oscars?

Last night, the Academy Awards took place, and was the first in person awards show! Let me tell you, I was ready for an in person show. It was cute in the beginning when the Emmys were over Zoom, but it got old pretty quick. Besides that however, the actual award show wasn’t that eventful and was kind of a boring for some. I was loving every minute of it, but I just love the Oscars in general. Anyways, here are the biggest standout moments from the 2021 Oscars.

Chadwick Boseman Snubbed

Chadwick Boseman in his 2021 Oscar nominated role.
Chadwick Boseman in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

The biggest surprise from last night came during the last 30 seconds of the whole show. The last award of the night was Best Lead Actor. Everyone in the room and everyone at home was waiting for Chadwick Boseman’s name to be called as the winner. When Anthony Hopkins’ was announced as the winner, everyone was left in complete shock. Chadwick won every single award leading up to the 2021 Oscars, making this loss all the more shocking. I was left starring at my screen in a state of complete confusion. I was fully prepared to listen to Chadwick’s wife give a speech about him and how much he would have enjoyed this.

In my opinion, that kind of made this whole situation worse. I understand Anthony Hopkins won, because by the way his performance in The Father is truly revolutionary. However, the fact that he wasn’t even there to give a speech just gave the show such an abrupt ending. After such a shocking blow, the show ended, and we were left to sit with our feelings. Anyways, it is sad Chadwick didn’t win, but Anthony Hopkins blew his performance out of the water, and I think he deserves this win.

Daniel Kaluuya Thanks His Parents

Daniel Kaluuya won for Best Supporting Actor last night, and gave an instantly iconic speech. After thanking is mom in a normal way, Daniel went on to say how happy everyone should be to be alive. He probably won’t be alive for much longer, after reminding the world his parents had to have sex in order for him to have won. The look of horror on his mom’s face says it all. His sister could not stop laughing, and I was right there with her. Congratulations to Daniel. He deserves this win. Even though it should be his second Oscar. His first being for Get Out, but that’s just my two cents.

Tyler Perry Wins Humanitarian Award

Last night, Tyler Perry was honored with the Humanitarian Award. During his speech, Perry told the story of the time he bought a homeless woman a pair of shoes. Over the course of this story, he projected a greater message of love over hate. He explains that when growing up in poverty, he learned the only way to make it in life, is to refuse hate. His speech encouraged everyone to refuse hate in their lives. He says, he refuses to hate someone for being Hispanic, Black, White, Asian or even for being a police officer. His speech was inspiring and in a time where there is so much hate in this world, the message needs to be heard.

Nomadland Wins Best Picture

I’m not really too shocked about this one. I called it from the start. This is one of the rare years, when I have seen everything that is nominated. When I watched Nomadland, I knew it would be an Oscar winning film. It just has everything Academy voters are looking for, not to mention it is actually a really good movie. I would have loved for Minari or Sound of Metal to win, but I knew it was going to be Nomadland. I also really loved Promising Young Woman, so I am happy it at least won Best Original Screenplay. It truly is an original idea.

Yuh-Jung Youn Wins Big

The best part of every award show this year, has been Yuh-Jung Youn’s acceptance speeches. I was so conflicted because, Yuh-Jung Youn totally deserved it for Minari, but Glenn Close needs an win! It is a crime that Glenn doesn’t have one at this point. This was her 8th Oscar nomination. When are they finally just going to give her one! I will never get over her snub a few years ago for The Wife.

Anyways, back to Yuh-Jung Youn. She gave the most charming acceptance speech of all time. She said what all of us are always thinking when she fan girled over meeting Brad Pitt. We all got some perspective when she reminded us all, that the Oscars really aren’t that big a deal outside the western world. She said it’s just a television program back in Korea. The best part of her speech is when she honored her fellow nominees. She says, she doesn’t believe in competition and that they are each the winners of their own movies. In her mind, she was just lucky last night.

The only thing I’m upset about after last night, is that we won’t get anymore speeches from Yuh-Jung Youn.

Frances McDormand Wins

Frances McDormand now officially has three Oscars for her acting. She is one of the best to ever do it. Her speech didn’t say much of anything, except that the 2021 Oscars should have included a karaoke bar. Who doesn’t love a karaoke bar? In her short speech, she used a metaphor to explain how much she loves her work, said thank you and was done. I love this woman. I would have been happy if any of these women won, but I’m really happy it was Frances.

In her speech for Best Picture, Frances encouraged everyone to continue to go to the theaters once the pandemic is over. I for one will be following this advice. I miss the movie theaters so much!

Chloe Zhao Makes History

The biggest moment of the night, came when Chloe Zhao won for Best Director. Chloe is only the second woman and first woman of color to win in this category. She joins Katheryn Bigelow who won eleven years ago for directing The Hurt Locker. Critics can try to say it was a throw away win to make up for last year when no women were nominated, but to them I say, she deserves it. Nomadland is such a beautiful movie. Everything about it is perfectly put together. Not one piece of the puzzle was out of place or missing.

Chloe’s speech spoke to the amazing soul she is. First of all, I love her even more for showing up in a simple dress, with her iconic braids and sneakers. That is my ultimate aesthetic. In her speech, Chloe remembered a Chinese proverb she used to recite with her father. The proverb states, “People at birth are entirely good.” When things get tough, it is this proverb that keeps Chloe going. In honor of this proverb, Zhao dedicated her award to everyone who continues to hold onto the good in others, as well as the good in themselves.

Honorable Mentions

These are the two 2021 Oscars moments that didn’t make the list, but deserve to be mentioned. First, Denmark’s Another Round won Best International Feature Film. When accepting the award, director Thomas Vinterberg dedicated the award to his daughter. His daughter passed away while they were filming the movie. She loved the script and was supposed to appear in it. It was a very touching moment, and I am happy he got his chance to dedicate the award to her.

The second honorable mention is a lot more lighthearted. During a game Close was asked to identify whether or not a song was nominated and/or won an Oscar. When Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt” started playing, Lil’ Rel Howery immediately counted her out. To his surpise, Glenn knew the song and the history behind the making of it. She critisized the Academy, in an expletive filled rant, for not nominating the song. To top it off, she got up and did the dance! Give this woman an Oscar please!

What did you think of the 2021 Oscars? Did all your favorites win? Let me know in the comments!

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