Below Deck Med. Who’s The Real Villain This Season

Below Deck Med. season 5 is almost over and both the cast and the fans have a lot to say about what we are seeing play out. Is the villain actually the villain, or is she the victim?

Season 5 of Below Deck Med. blew up with the drama from the very beginning. Starting with the absolute mess of a second stew, Lara, and ending with drug accusations. Based off of the way the events have played out, fans created a conspiracy, which I believe, that everything was planned from the start. I didn’t think of this, but after reading the proof, I believe it. Captain Sandy and Malia orchestrated everything, in the hopes of securing their ultimate crew. There are too many coincidences to not be planned. Let’s get into it!

Bugsy Returns

I didn’t watch season two of Below Deck Med. but I knew Hannah and Bugsy don’t like each other. This is already a red flag, and I’ll tell you why. Why would Sandy hire someone, you know will butt heads with your chief stew? I understand it’s a job, and she should be professional, but it is an avoidable issue. Also, not only does Sandy hire this person, she then constantly tells Hannah how down she looks and that she’s doing a bad job. That sounds like a good way to knock someones confidence and get them to do a bad job. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think this was done because they wanted to fire Hannah and then hire Bugsy. Just one girl’s opinion.

Sandy Fires Kiko

This whole story line, broke my heart. The way Captain Sandy treated him all season is truly wrong and he didn’t deserve it. Who fires someone in the middle of a dinner service, in front of half the crew when they still have to cook the next day. That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I don’t get why she was shocked the next morning when he wasn’t in the mood to make breakfast. Like, imagine being fired and then having to do your job for two more days. The feedback on Kiko’s cooking probably wouldn’t have been that bad, had Sandy not asked each guest if they liked the food about 20 times a night.

Sandy really annoyed me this season. I thought I had a boss that liked to micromanage, but Sandy takes it to another level. How does she expect anyone to do their job when she is constantly looking over their shoulder and criticizing their work. Especially when it comes to food, which is such a subjective thing. She needs to back up and let people do what they do. This was definitely part of the plan to get their preferred crew on board. Kiko made one bad meal and, if he had to be fired, it should have been done more professionally. Captain Sandy really fell in my rankings of favorite Bravoleberties after this season.

Hannah’s Panic Attack

Hannah has a well documented history of panic attacks and issues with anxieties. The fact that she had a panic attack, was not surprising. Besides her history, everything else going on definitely added up for her. Her best, and only, friend on the boat just got fired. That would make anybody upset and on edge. Not only does she not get along with the others, but they make an effort to point out all her flaws. I felt for her in that moment and completely understood how she felt. In this moment, we find out that Hannah has a prescription bottle of Valium with her on board. Which may I say, Malia hands to her!

Malia seemed very supportive of Hannah in that moment, but I hated what happened next. Just like she has been doing all season, Malia runs straight to captain, and tells her about the attack. Talking about somebody else’s mental health is never okay. Especially since it didn’t come off as caring or supportive, but rather malicious. She says it is written under maritime law that all medical instances be reported, but I think Hannah could have reported it herself. Plus, it’s not like she was currently having it. It happened the night before and Hannah was fine when Malia told. I think they were just trying to make Hannah look weak and like she can’t do her job.

Tom Arrives And Brings The Drama

I don’t buy for one second that Tom just happened to arrive right when Kiko was fired. Not only did he arrive, but he arrived with weeks worth of luggage. Also, what happened to the sick relative he was on his way to visit? This is just all too fishy for me. Anyways, he is hired and all hell breaks loose. Malia now demands everyone change their bunking situation, so her and Tom can share a room. This means, Hannah and Bugsy would have to share. As we know, these two don’t get along, and them bunking would cause major drama. Once again, Malia goes to captain and complains about Hannah and Hannah only. She conveniently leaves out the fact that Bugsy also refused to change rooms.

Sandy comes up with some B.S. about how the chef ranks higher than the chief stew. (thank you Captain Lee for clearing up that lie) and forces Hannah to switch. I really don’t like this Malia and Captain Sandy alliance. This is when things get ugly. In the process of moving, Malia goes through Hannah’s stuff and takes pictures of her Valium and weed pen. Let me say this again, SHE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THE VALIUM FROM DAYS BEFORE! She is such a child. Hours later, she sends the picture to Captain Sandy and reports Hannah for the drugs. She held on to the drugs, until Hannah did something to piss her off and then used them to get her fired.

Malia Sucks

I was so excited at the start of this season, to have an all female led crew for the first time. My hopes however, quickly faded as the season went on. Malia comes off as entitled and super sensitive who says she’s tough, but runs to captain anytime she doesn’t get her way. I don’t know if it’s just this time, but she really seems like a huge child. Captain Sandy also really disappointed me. She has a complete inability to look at things objectively and her agenda this season is very clear. For once, I actually like Hannah the most out of everyone on the boat. I really believe these two conspired against her and it’s not right.

Anyways, Hannah has moved on from Below Deck Med. and I think I am done too. I won’t watch the next season of Below Deck Med. or Below Deck because it won’t be the same without my favorite chief stews. Also, Hannah is pregnant, which is more important than any of this. So happy for her!

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  1. The only thing I believe from the Liars, Liars👖 🔥 🔥 , Sandy and Malia, is that they didn’t ORCHESTRATE this plan. The real puppet master is 51 Minds. Sandy and Malia put their own “spin” on the pre-planned “house cleaning” to make it seem “more authentic.” If you watch the “never seen” scene of Kiko’s last episode, you will see Bugsy setting up the “musical cabins.” She cites Rob driving her INSANE by going into her room. 51 Minds deleted that scene when Valiumgate fell into its lap.

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