Are the Jonas Brothers Officially the Best Band Ever?

Last night was the best night of my life and the Jonas Brothers are the reason why. My eleven year old self was jumping for joy and it was hard to keep her contained.

The Jonas Brothers kicked off their two night sold out concerts at the Hollywood Bowl last night and man did they put on a good show. They have come a very long way since their Disney Channel days but have not forgotten where they came from. The best part of the night was a ten minute medley dedicated to their truest fans, i.e. myself, who have loved them since the early 2,000s. Joe even channeled his beloved and iconic Camp Rock character Shane West, and sang his response to Demi Lovato’s This is Me. Of course they sang Year 3,000 and Burning Up, effectively making me feel like a 12 year old again. Having had such a life changing concert experience led me to think about what other concerts I would like to go to.

1. Queen

I think my ultimate answer to this question would have to be Queen. I have always been a huge fan and have yet to hear one song of theirs that I don’t like. Earlier today I was jamming to their greatest hits with my almost two year old cousin and could not stop thinking about what it would be like to see them in concert. I know they still tour with a different lead singer but I would want to experience the magic that is Freddie Mercury. Seeing him up on stage must have been an experience of a lifetime and I envy everyone who was able to experience him. If I ever get my hands on a time machine I would put myself in the front row of their Live Aid performance.

2. The Beatles

If Live Aid is my first time machine destination than any Beatles concert is my second. No matter what mood I am in I am always in the mood to hear a Beatles song. If I was an American teenager in the 60s I would definitely have been a groupie. I thank my cousin everyday for showing me the movie Across the Universe when I was 13 and introducing me to a part of their musical catalogue I had never heard. It’s been ten years and my love has not faded and if I ever get lucky enough to see Paul or Ringo in person I would be able to die happy.


I always laugh at my sister when she says her choice would most likely be Swedish band ABBA, but I think I get it now. A great majority of their songs are very upbeat and super fun. That concert would literally just be one big party. It would be the most fun concert to ever happen. I don’t know why I would laugh at my sister so much because at any given moment if you walk into my living room, I am most likely watching Mamma Mia and screaming every word to all the songs. A Great movie and an awesome soundtrack could only result in an amazing soundtrack.

4. Cher

I stan a queen and Cher is THE QUEEN. I was once left alone at my job for four hours and played Cher on the loudspeaker the whole time and had a dance party by myself. Her first album came out in the 60’s and her latest album, an ABBA cover album, was released in 2018. A music career which had lasted this long leads to a music catalogue that has also changed with each decade. She has consistently been amazing and I cannot get enough of her music and her voice. If I can still function like that in my 70s I would be very happy.

5. Woodstock

I know Woodstock isn’t technically an artist or a band but it was a concert I wish I could have been at. My friend and I almost went to the one that got cancelled this past summer but it luckily did not work out. I swear I was born in the wrong decade. I barely listen to music made today, as evidenced by my list of artists I would like to see live. Being my true hippie self at Woodstock sounds like a dream.

Anyways, the Jonas Brothers were amazing and I’m sad i will never be able to see these artists live. What’s the one (or five) artist you would like to see if you could?

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