All Thanksgiving Themed Friends Episodes Ranked

Thanksgiving themed episodes are a specialty in the Friends world, and honestly are some of the best episodes. Which ones are the best though?

Friends is one of the only shows that gives Thanksgiving its own spotlight. Every season of the show, features an episode centered around the holiday. While the holiday is often glazed over and forgotten, these episodes are unforgettable. There is a lot of debate over which one of these is the ultimate Thanksgiving episode, and I’m here to settle it. Once and for all, this is the official ranking of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.

#10 The One With The List

This episode is last, just because it really has nothing to do with Thanksgiving at all. While the others take place on the day, this one is only semi related to the holiday. Monica is busy trying to come up with recipes in which she can use mockolate. She pretends to love this horribly toxic food because she desperately needs a job. Elsewhere, Ross is having trouble deciding between Julie and Rachel and creates the infamous list. Like all Friends episodes, it’s funny, however there are better Thanksgiving episodes.

#9 The One With The Late Thanksgiving

This is the last Thanksgiving episode of the entire show. That depresses me, but it doesn’t give it a pass from my judgement. In this episode, Monica is reluctantly convinced to cook Thanksgiving dinner, only for Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and Ross to show up late. The best part of this episode is when the four latecomers stick their heads through the crack in the door and beg to be let in. Also, when Joey’s head gets stuck in said door. Chandler and Monica get a baby in the end, but the rest of the episode isn’t all that amazing.

#8 The One Where Underdog Gets Away

I had a hard time remembering this one, so that’s why it’s ranked this low. I read the synopsis but can still only vaguely remember it. What I do remember however, is the toast at the end. Here’s to a lousy Christmas…and a crappy New Year. I quote this all the time, and for that reason, this episode is ranked higher than the two above it. Even though I can’t actually remember it.

#7 The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs

This one revolves around Chandler’s fear of dogs, Rachel and Tag’s relationship and Ross figuring out the United States. I’m not sure if anyone was ever interested in Rachel and Tag’s relationship, but this is when they got together. It’s hard to believe that Chandler doesn’t like dogs, because he likes them later and before. I love Ross trying to name all 50 states in 6 minutes or less. It is actually hard to do, I can attest to that. I know I know all the states, but I always miss at least five every time. Anyways, I like this episode, but I don’t love it.

#6 The One With Rachel’s Other Sister

I am such a fan of Christina Applegate and I love her as Jill. I can see how her character annoys people but I find her to be so amusing. Her inability to remember who anyone is and her complete disregard for anyone but herself is admirable. She doesn’t care about anything and she doesn’t care who knows it. It amazes me that she actually thought she would get Emma if something happened to Rachel and Ross. This leads to a whole argument about who should get her. It’s always nice to wish death upon your friends and family right? Monica’s obsession with the fine china is also a great highlight.

#5 The One With The Rumor

Brad Pitt and Monica bonding over their former lives as overeaters is priceless. Joey wearing maternity pants in order to eat an entire turkey, laughable. Phoebe and Chandler pretending to care about football, definitely something I would do. The icing on the cake however, is Rachel finding out Ross and Brad Pitt started an I Hate Rachel Green club in high school. To top that off, they were also the source of the Rachel is a hermaphrodite rumor that went around. It’s just an all around well put together episode.

#4 The One With All The Thanksgivings

Joey puts a turkey on his head. I think that is enough said. Also, Chandler and Ross’s 80’s hair, perfect. A peak at Rachel’s old nose is everything we needed. The gang competes for the title of worst Thanksgiving experience. While Chandler’s does suck, I think Monica’s second story takes the cake. Although, I’m unsure how that isn’t Chandler’s worst Thanksgiving. Anyways, this episode has many highs and not a lot of lows. Best part is when Chandler tells Monica he loves her for the first time.

#3 The One With The Football

The boys competing over who can win over the Dutch girl, is pathetic and amusing. Chandler winning her attention and promptly blowing it is even more amusing. Also, the lengths they all went to in order to win the Geller Cup, is questionable. That has to be the ugliest trophy I have ever seen. It is a simple episode which highlights and sets up the personality traits of each character. Phoebe flashes the boys to win, Rachel is horrible at sports and Monica is too competitive for her own good. The boys are annoying and think they will easily beat the girls. I don’t know, I just love this episode.

#2 The One With Chandler In A Box

Just the fact that Chandler spends the whole episode inside a box is hilarious. Every interaction between Joey and Chandler in this episode is golden. This shows how much Joey really cares about the happiness of his friends. Even though he loves Kathy, he let Chandler go after her, and forgave him in order for Chandler to be happy with Kathy. This main plot is so funny, but the subplots are funny too. Monica flirting with Richard’s son and Ross bagging on Rachel for returning every gift is hysterical.

#1 The One Where Ross Got High

There is so much going on in this episode at all times, and I love all of it. The addition of Monica’s parents was great, and Chandler trying to win them over will always be hilarious. We find out, they don’t like him because Ross told them he smokes pot as a teenager. Rachel is trying to make a dessert and fails miserably. This all leads to a lighting round of confessions and epiphanies from each character which is my favorite scene in any television show. It never fails to make me laugh. This episode is just perfection from start to finish.

What’s your favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode? Let me know in the comments!

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