Adele showcasing her weight loss.

Adele And Her Weight Loss Transformation Cause Controversy

Adele revealed her recent weight loss on Instagram and the fan reaction to her new figure is causing quite the controversy.

Adele is celebrating her 32nd birthday and recent weight loss in a new Instagram post. There has been buzz for quite a while now, with sightings of a slimmed down Adele. Pictures of her at parties and at the gym have been around, but the singer never addressed it herself, until today. Her weight loss journey began when her divorce was finalized back in September 2019. It is being reported that she has lost at least 100 pounds through clean eating and a new exercise regimen. Her post almost broke the Internet and people are calling this the glow up of the decade. Why are people so pissed off than?

Are We Being Fat-Phobic?

Adele prior to the weight loss.
Adele prior to the weight loss.

Most everyone commenting on Adele’s post are mentioning how beautiful she looks in her new body. There are also a whole slew of comments calling all these people out for seemingly only focusing on her looks. Many are pointing out that her worth has not gone up because she lost weight. She is the same person she always was and should not be loved more by society because she’s thinner. Other’s have issues with the conversation of weight loss because they believe it can be trigger. Their idea is that weight loss can be an indication of mental health struggles.

A Tweet about Adele’s weight loss.

While these are all valid points, I don’t think they quite apply here. I think she looks amazing and commend her for her hard work and dedication. It is not easy to lose 100 pounds. I don’t think it is fat-phobic to celebrate someone’s hard work, when they themselves are celebrating it. There are also many comments stating how beautiful she looked before she lost the weight. I think it is pretty clear that people value her for her talent, considering she was accepted and embraced prior to her weight loss. Her new appearance is simply a shock to see and people are reacting to it. If she looked sad and like she was in a dark place that would be one thing, but she looks happy and excited about her new look.

Anyways, I think Adele looks great, just like she did before, and I can’t wait to hear her next album. I just wish I knew when I should be expecting it to drop.

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  1. I think she looks happy and fans are celebrating her happiness! What’s wrong with that? Of course she was always beautiful ❤️

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